Double mat/bed for car camping?

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Bushcrafter through and through
Jul 14, 2008
Just spent another annoying spell of car camping with another sinking feeling in the night. Airbed number 2 or 3 failed. Whether cheap or expensive they fail. So what are the alternatives for 2 people that give comfort and won't fail in the night? We've had various single mats over the years but we need the double now for car camping.

I've heard thermarest do a doubles kit that puts two TAR mats together but I resent buying new mats to do this since I have the tapered one and my partner has a square one and none are the same thickness. Besides we've got a preference for a single mat that is double in size.

I guess the luxurious answer is downmats but if they did a double (in 7 or 9 versions) I am sure it is expensive. Even a double synmat (which is more suited in terms of lower price and not over specced on the temperature front) is likely to be very expensive. I think I once saw an outwell mat like thermarest in a double.

So what can anyone recommend to replace the dreaded airbed slump that always happens after about 3 weeks of sleeps in my experience?


Nov 30, 2011
Buy two or three foam mats. Punch holes down the side of each and join together using zip ties, ensuring all the buckles are on the same side so as to not rip the bag. Might work in theory?


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