Do you DPM or not and why?

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Jun 8, 2017
Do you love DPM and kit everything you own out in it?
Or maybe prefer just plain earthy colours?
Or maybe bright hiking colours?

What's the reason for your choices?


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Feb 22, 2006
Yeah I'm up for a bit of camo. Flecktarn is my preference although I do have some dpm stuff. One rule I live by though; only camo trousers or top, never both.

John Fenna

Lifetime Member & Maker
Oct 7, 2006
I am not that interested in camo per se (although I do own a couple of camo tarps) but I do love my "Earth Colours" and pretty well live in Olive and various shades of green and brown.... even my car is beige!
I like to gently blend in to my environment - but not actively "hide" in it :)


Full Member
Apr 16, 2009
Plain earthy for me, 5.11 trousers, Bison Guide shirts, Twodogs or ex German army for wet. The only camo I have is my Lowe Alpine Sting and that couldn't be helped at £100 brand new with the side pockets.


Full Member
Jun 14, 2016
I don't camo and I don't really do earthy colours either.
I like to wear at least one bright primary colour when out and about.
Mostly because I enjoy those colours so those are my clothes colours (I don't really have separate kit I only wear outdoors).
But also I do not want to blend in with my surroundings. I am not too interested in wildlife spotting anything bigger than an insect. But I really don't want people to inadvertently come across me when I'm playing in the woods. Just a personal preference but I want to be seen from far away and then avoided if possible, in general this works.
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Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Nov 25, 2005
Greensand Ridge
I love a little bit of camo but as mentioned above; not as a two-peice outfit as that does rather suggest a certain intensity of purpose I'd rather not be associated with however unjustified.

Equally incongerous to my mind is taking to the woods, if intending to 'integrate' as most bushcraft folk crave, wearing hi-viz or non subdued street cloths but each to his own.



Full Member
Jun 14, 2016
Equally incongerous to my mind is taking to the woods, if intending to 'integrate' as most bushcraft folk crave, wearing hi-viz or non subdued street cloths but each to his own.

I can understand your point entirely, made me think about why I bushcraft and I guess I'm not trying to 'integrate' or commune with nature. I bushcraft because I crave the solitude and the quiet and the learning skills and in particular love the repetition of practicing bushcraft. I think I find the repetition more soothing than the greenery. When I'm 'bushcrafting' I'm using the part of my mind that is usually anxious, so I'm more relaxed, the last thing I then want is for some people to come and surprise me and take me out of that place. In general I've found that people in the woods want to do their own thing as much as I do and if they spot you early enough they'll sort of go out of their way to avoid you.
Derren Brown says the best way to prevent someone from sitting next to you on a bus is to make eye contact with the person early and stroke the seat like you really want them to sit next to you. I think I'm doing a similar thing with my bright colours, if that makes sense.
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May 22, 2011
I usually wear camo or olive drab in the bush and I'll wear it going to work sometimes. I normally wear it at shooting competitions too. Most of my camo I have sewn myself.
The shirts are the British 95 pattern. I pulled one apart and made a pattern. I have them in olive, Marpat, OAR2, Multicam, Finnish 05 and Swedish M90.
My pants are based off German army pants and the pockets on them borrowed from the Canadian military.
I picked up a British Smock in my size and will be taking that apart to make a pattern then sewing the smock back together again when done. I can add my own tweaks to the clothes such as a pocket inside one of the pockets for my reading glasses.
I wear camo to blend into the surroundings, a throwback from my younger days when I used to hunt a lot. Plus I do it as my own statement about small town, rural living to separate myself from the city dwellers. I say if we are a multicultural society in Canada, then redneck is a culture and camo is a part of it. That may not translate for those in other countries.
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Aug 11, 2017
i am mostly a camo bushcrafter,bivy bag is woodland dpm helps to be low key.
bivy bag is olive green
army suplus is cheap, trousers dry quick even in multicam, and my gortex dpm jacket is far better then any walking jacket i have found.
also have a few green thermal fleeces


Jun 26, 2013
North Dorset
I do wear camo, mostly I suppose because I hunt and a significant part of my outdoors wardrobe is camo.
Beyond that I have developed a bit of an interest in the subject and I have everything from Tigerstripe to Realtree.
My least favourite is my issue MTP!
DPM, Flectarn or Realtree works well in this country.
Wear it because it helps you blend in and offers the opportunity to encounter nature.

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Jan 6, 2017
Here There & Everywhere
No camo for me.
I'm another greens/greys/browns wearer.
Why? I feel a bit self-conscious in camo and, ironically, it makes you stand out more.

Each to their own though. But it's not for me.


Bushcrafter through and through
Jul 14, 2008
Never cammo since a kid with a cammo cap playing soldiers. Sorry but cammo has too much of the kid playing soldiers about it IMHO. I tend to wear good quality outdoors clothing that's designed for being in the hills. It's just a choice though so whilst personally I find DPM not to my choice is certainly is the choice of others.

One thing though, I think wearing it is activity dependent. If you're out hiking in the lakes in full DPM then you may get funny looks or comments it if earshot. If you're stealthy in the woods somewhere less so. Also hunting and perhaps fishing too it's highly accepted. Whether by that right or wrong is personal perspective.

Above all the right kit for the right activity is my view.


Full Member
Apr 24, 2013
Dark colours for me greys and blacks.ive nothing against camo I just don't rate surplus kit.i prefer modern technical clothing for my waterproof layers they fit and pack much better.i' usually bring along an old woolly jumper for thrashing about round camp and sitting next too the fire.

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Nov 30, 2011
I have a load of buckshee combats that i wear out now and then and when painting etc.., rest i exchanged for mtp a few years ago.



Nov 17, 2014
Poole, Dorset. UK
I have a few sets of DPM and desert pattern camo. And to me it's just cheap gortex. I wear it for function and don't worry about the look.

I get the odd comment in the office of, 'Ah, I didn't see you there'. And that is with the desert pattern stuff that I keep in the car. But that's about it.

I do recall a friend once getting a bollocking on a civilian run rifle range, as the guy running it thought that camo had no place there, you think you are in the army etc. When he pointed out that he was still wearing his stripes, and that if aunty Liz saw fit to issue them, he saw no reason not to wear them. (And that he was RAF, so how dare he insult him calling him army!)

Tor helge

May 23, 2005
Northern Norway
But I wear flectarn gore tex (surplus), and carry a Norwegian army rucksack (Camo).

Because the flecktarn cost a fraction of what a civilian jacket/trousers does, and the rucksack was free (issued by the government).


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