De-waxing barbour

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Ed the Ted

Dec 13, 2013
Hello all,

Just a question about removing some wax from a barbour smock I have... its quite old and when I got it I soaked a whole tin into it. However I think that I might have overdone it and as a result its very stiff (it's already too big for me and without 'hanging' well its a bit impractical).

Any tips for removing some of the wax? I've tried generally rubbing it with a towel but it didn't seem to do much...




Full Member
Dec 3, 2014
United Kingdom
Aye Up,

Lay the jacket on a thick layer of newspaper or if you are feeling flush a thick layer of kitchen roll;

Have additional pieces of kitchen roll ready to hand;

Use a hot air blower - i.e. - a heat shrink gun/paint remover gun/hair dryer.

Taking care not to get the 'gun' too close to the jacket, play the hot air over sections of it watching for the wax to become runny, remove the heat and dab the heated area with the additional kitchen roll. repeat as necessary.

I have found that the heat shrink gun works the best (I use one of them all the time for rewaxing Fjall clothing) as the heat output can be easily adjusted.

The paint stripper is good too but puts out a hell of lot of heat so you have to be very careful and hold it well back from the garment.

The hairdryer is OK until your better half finds you are using it (burned it out!) - then you will need all your bushcraft skills to lay low until things calm down! :lmao:

Ed the Ted

Dec 13, 2013
Great thanks all, I don't have access to heat guns or an iron but I'll try putting newspaper on it and warming it up with a warmed up saucepan.


Dec 25, 2012
Shop I used to work in (fishing tackle and shooting) offered a re-waxing service for Barbour coats.The bosses wife used to run them through her washing machine (as sunndog suggests) to get all of the old wax out.

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