Courses in July 2015

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White bear (Admin)
Apr 16, 2003
We have a number of Bushcraft UK organised courses coming up in July, below is more information or you can look here on the BushMoot site
Please note that you do not have to be attending the BushMoot to attend any of these one day courses, a small extra fee is required if you're camping over.

3 day Tanning Course with Theresa Emmerich - 29-31st July


Cost: £200
Date: Wed 29th - 31st July
Minimum numbers: 4
Maximum numbers: 6

Before the advent of modern tanning agents, humans were turning raw skin into usable leather products using materials readily available to them from the surrounding environment. Come learn the progression of this process from raw skin to finished leather!

Day 1 - Fleshing and lecture about tanning

Day 2 - Graining and braining and partial drying

Day 3 - Softening and (weather dependent) smoking

You will need to be in reasonable shape and have a reasonable amount of upper body strength.

Theresa has taught various tannage types such as fat tan, vegetable tan, alum taw and rawhide production for the past five years, drawing on her extensive personal experience to provide a broad understanding of the tanning process. She includes in her instruction a diverse range of information, from skin morphology to helpful hints in dealing with the numerous and frustrating problems which are often encountered when first learning to tan (and often long after!).

Comfortable, easy-to-use tools, detailed handouts covering the tanning process, as well as ethnographic anecdotes will be provided in addition to instruction. Furthermore, a list of helpful literature will be provided for those who wish to further their own knowledge of tanning! So, please join in a course sure to contain plenty of memorable moments, lots of practical information and, provided that you put in the work, one that will see you heading home with a fantastic piece of traditionally tanned leather!

Wild Food Forage & Cook Up with Robin Harford - 21st or 23rd July


2x 1 day Wild Food Foraging and cooling Day with Robin Harford

Cost: £50
Date: Tuesday 21st July or Thursday 23rd July
Minimum numbers: 8
Maximum numbers: 15

Wild food is the ultimate in ‘local’ and ‘seasonal’ produce, and
historically has always been a source of food for country people.
Foraging re-awakens your senses so you gain a greater appreciation of
your environment, and your place in the natural cycles and rhythms of

During this day course Robin Harford will cover at minimum 20 wild
food plants. He’ll show you how to identify wild edible plants using
his 'sensory method of plant identification'. You'll learn how to
cook, prepare and preserve the plants you find, as well as be immersed
in their mystery, history and folklore. Sustainable foraging, safety
guidelines, and the law are also covered.

"Highly rated" - The Guardian

"One of Britain's most dedicated foragers" - The Lady

"A revelation!" - BBC Good Food Magazine

"Move over River Cottage we want to go foraging with Robin" -
Sainsbury's Magazine

“We absolutely loved the course: fascinating and deeply therapeutic.
Robin is a brilliant communicator and his courses are excellent value
for money too.” – Naomi Cleaver (Channel 4 & Sky Presenter)

“I really loved his introduction that we would go and greet the plants
in their own habitat and that we all got to pick and experience the
plants ourselves. What makes his course so good is that he talks from
personal experience of not just identifying the plants but of using
them himself at home. If you get the chance to go, don’t hesitate it’s
really special” – Jo Oliver

Coastal Survivor Course with Fraser Christian - 23-24th July


Cost: £100
Date: Thursday 23rd - Friday 24th July
Minimum numbers: 6
Maximum numbers: 12
Food Provided: Yes

This course is based on Frasers hugely popular Castaway survival skills course and has been chosen becasue of the fantastic coastal landscape in South Wales making it an ideal environment to learn from a great teacher.

On this course you will cover the skills needed to survive with limited resources, it's often said that the sea is abundant and Fraser will teach you how true that is, here's some of what you'll be covering on the course:

Coastal Foraging
Water use
Improvised shelters
Fire lighting
Constructing efficient drift wood fires for cooking and warmth
Navigating the sea shore safely

Bhutanese bow making with Wayne Jones - 23th July


Cost: £55 This includes materials.
Date: Thursday 23th July
Maximum numbers: 8

Bhutanese bowmaking is a highlight for many at the Moot, it's a fairly quick bow to make (as bow making goes) and it shoots very well. Wayne will take you through each step and at the end of the day you'll have a working bow that you can take to the range and get stuck in.

Learn Story Telling with Abbie Palache - 30th July


Day long Story Telling Course

Cost: £40
Date: Thursday 30th July
Maximum numbers: 16
Age: 13+

A tale around the campfire is a truly magical experience. Learn how to lift traditional tales from the page and bring them to life for your listeners. Explore the spontaneity of this ancient art form, experience the rewards of telling stories in the great outdoors and build your confidence. Suitable for all experience levels.

You can learn more about Abbie Here

Willow Basket Making with Jules Wagstaff - Wed 29th and/or Thurs 30th July


Cost: £45 per day This includes materials.
Date: Wednesday 22nd July
Maximum numbers: 6

Learn how to make country style baskets for everyday use. The basket is the ultimate bio-degradable container able to last 50 years with care and repair. We will use a combination of buff and coloured barked willow. An introduction to growing and preparing your own willow will be included.

If you are a beginner to basketry the one day will teach you basic stake and strand techniques and weaves: making a base, staking up, weaving the side and turning a border. You will have time to make a small round basket such as a fruit basket, wall basket or trencher. If you book two days there will be time for a bigger project such as a shopping basket, small log basket.

First Aid Course with Richard Cook : Dual Certification - 22-24th July


Date: Wed 22nd - 24th July
Minimum numbers: 6
Maximum numbers: 12

This is a dual certified course, qualifications wise, you'll receive:

- ECSI Advanced Wilderness First Aid Certificate (2 years)
- Ofqual First Aid at Work Certificate (3 years)

Day 1 - 9pm - 4pm

Day 2 - 9am - 4pm + 7-9pm

Day 3 - 9-3

Who is it for?

In short, anyone living or operating more than one hour from definitive medical care. You might be on a remote expedition, or involved in an accident out of town. Society might even have collapsed, or the Emergency Services are simply swamped. Whatever the reason, this 3 day course includes all of the skills and foundational knowledge you need to take care of yourself, your loved ones and those in your care, when you don't have the luxury of a 999 call.

It fulfils the first aid requirements for all Mountain Leader UK courses, the British Mountain Guides Association, British Cycling coach awards and all BCU coaching schemes. We will also dual-certifiy you by awarding the 3 day First Aid at Work certificate as well.

2 day basic Tracking & Survival Awareness course with Perry McGee


Date: Wed 29th - 31st July
Minimum numbers: 8
Maximum numbers: 15

Join in as a tracking team for three days and learn the basic skills and techniques of the ancient art of tracking. The course includes night tracking, river tracking and survival training exercises, along with interactive instruction from Perry. Specifically designed to give an insight into the world of tracking.

You will be taught about:

Animal Tracking
Tactical tracking
Night tracking
Search & Rescue

The BushMoot site and adjacent sandunes and woodland are a fantastic venue for this course with mixed terrain and wildlife allowing for plenty of learning oppertunities.

Perry McGee brings over 40 years of tried and tested experience to his National Tracking School, and provides training in all aspects of tracking and survival in a safe, enjoyable way.

The tracking awareness weekend 13th & 14th December 2014 was one of the most valuable courses I have ever been on, no time wasted, no flannel and no instructor fads. I took my two children with me and they thought it was "Amazing" we felt a definite change in our perception and could begin to decode what we saw all around us, its given us the tracking bug. Perry and his staff were brilliant they really know their stuff! I would recommend the National Tracking School to any one Thanks Perry and Co {as they say on the ads Priceless}
Kes,Tabby and Jem

Axemanship with Wayne Jones - 22nd July


Cost: £50
Date: Wednesday 22nd July
Maximum numbers: 8

The Axe is an amazing tool, when it's used properly you can fell trees or carve spoons, Wayne will take you through the safe use of an axe and then you'll start gaining experience under his expert tuition.

Make a Connemara Lobsterpot with Jules wagstaff - Wed 22nd July


£50 This includes materials.
Date: Wednesday 22nd July
Maximum numbers: 6

Please note that you need to have booked this course by the 3rd July due to teh extencive materials ppreperation that's required for this Lobster pot

Traditional lobster pots can be made from a number of materials: heather, hazel or willow using many variations on technique. I have chosen the Connemara (West coast of Ireland) pot because it is the simplest. It can be made in the ground, requires no jigs and uses willow. This is a ‘creel’ type lobster pot that uses one type of weave through out: ‘pairing’. The main knack is to get the rounded pot shape. The stakes just like the creel are turned down to form the base. Make the dimensions smaller and you have a crab or whelk pot (Bucky creel).

Traditional Welsh Frame Basket ‘Cyntell’ with Jules Wagstaff- 24th July


Cost: £50 This includes materials.
Date: Friday 24th July
Maximum numbers: 6

Please note that you need to have booked this course by the 3rd July due to teh extencive materials ppreperation that's required for this Cyntell.

Often called the Welsh Potato basket it is part of the Celtic frame basket tradition this basket is very satisfying to make. Welsh men were encouraged by the chapel to go to a ‘cyntell class’, to make baskets and spoons rather than drink down the pub! Often competing among each other in the local Eisteddfod.

The cyntell is a more substantial, deeper and stronger basket compared to the Irish frame basket (sciathog) and sits flat on the ground. It requires a set of ribs, (we will have use of shaving horses and draw knives to shape them) and use of ‘D’ shaped formas to set them. You will learn how to prepare the ribs and hoop as well as how to construct and weave the cyntell. The Cyntell can be made from hazel or willow, we will be using barked willow.



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Last edited:
I am interested in the Cyntell making workshop. Am I right in assuming we will make a whole basket during the course of the workshop?
Also, I'd like to camp the night of the 24th, but there doesn't seem to be an option for this on the Bushmoot site for this?



White bear (Admin)
Apr 16, 2003
Hi Hanneke, I've just replied to your email, making the whole basket is doable, it's mostly down to you though, Jules is a fantastic teacher with a huge amount of experience so you'll be in the best hands possible and I know you'll have a brilliant day.
staying over would be an extra £10, I've talked more about that in the email.

Hultafors Outdoor knife for Sale

We have a a number of Hultafors Outdoor Knives with Firesteels for sale.

You can see more details here in this thread OUTDOOR KNIVES The price is £27 posted to the UK. Pay via the paypal button below.