COMPETITON TIME !! 5 Day / 40 Hour Tracking Course for £15 !!!!!

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Nov 6, 2008
( I've run this by Tony and he is ok with me running it - any questions relating it can be run by me if I've made any of it unclear. )

COMPETITON TIME !! 5 Day / 40 Hour Tracking Course for £15 !!!!!

So with reference to the Five Day 40 hour Tracking course detailed below :-

I would like to offer a competition for the lucky winner a place on this course for £15.00 by way of a Lottery draw.

This will occur under only the following stipulations:-

I need a Minimum of 10 people to state that they are interested and willing to purchase a Ticket for £15.00 before I send them my Paypal details.

Any number under 10 people and I can't run the Lottery.

Once I have all the names of those willing to commit I will send them my Paypal details and they will each send me £15.00 each.

Once all money has been taken I will write all names of those entering on individual pieces of paper and enclose individually in 10 ( or more ) envelopes.

I will then video record an impartial person ( not me ) being presented with the envelopes and have them choose one at random.

The envelope will be open and video recorded and uploaded here on the forum.


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