Christina May Pine Tar Soap

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May 30, 2007
Nr Dartmoor, Devon
I'm a big fan of Pine Tar Soap. Been using it for a few years - often as one of the weapons in the war against ticks. I swear it helps keep them off me. I love the smell and I use it for my body, hair and clothes.

But its expensive. Grandpa's Wonder Pine Tar is about £4 for a single bar of 92g although this goes down to about £3 if you buy a 4-pack. RM sells the stuff on his site. Go take a look. Its a wonderful smokey-aromatic bar. It gets the thumbs up from me. However........its soooooo expensive!


HOWEVER, for Christmas SWMBO bought me several bars of this: £3.50 for a bar over twice the size. It uses pharmaceutical grade pine tar and is made in the UK.

I've now tried it and whilst it is not as pungent as Grandpa's it does the job and works out quite a bit cheaper. This definitely gets the thumbs up from me.


The blurb states:

"Our pine tar soap (a pine tar shampoo is also available) contains 2% Pharmaceutical grade pine tar (PINE TAR BP) in a pure triple milled vegetable soap base enriched with Vit E. The bar is hard and very long lasting with a good white lather. Pine Tar is an effective germicide and fungicide and is a traditional remedy for all sorts of skin problems. Many people rely on pine tar soap to relieve the symptoms of various skin complaints including acne, psoriasis, eczema and acne. Pine tar soap is the nearest equivalent to coal tar soap which is now illegal in the EU. Any soap that is sold a coal tar soap does not actually contain any coal tar as coal tar is now banned in any over the shelf product."
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Oct 15, 2006
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I am with you on this one. I know there was a thread a while back about the Granpa stuff containing palm oil, but I love the stuff, use it all the time to wash, shave, clean. its brilliant.
Its always on my Christmas, birthday, fathers day list (yep got some at Xmas).

SO, if you are telling me this stuff is as good, I will give it a go. If the bar is over twice the size I could cut it in half and get two bars from one, hey!
Pop em in me little washing powder tablet bag and away we go. Happy days.


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Aug 6, 2008
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Thanks for the heads up, not used pine tar soap in years.

Will need to get some, great smell, it'll evoke memories almost on a par with the smell of red carbolic soap of old.


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Sep 28, 2007
When I was young I can remember my grandad using this stuff. The smell reminds me very much of when I use to watch him shave, very sweet memories indeed.


Dec 15, 2005
I'm gonna have to try me some of this, does it smell like the Nordic Summer stuff then ?

Why is coal tar banned in Europe ?