Case for Bugaboo 10 inch square frying pan

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Jul 9, 2004
Rossendale, Lancashire
Just another pan cover with a roll top closure to stop muck getting into the rest of my rucksack.


Just a oblong of heavy waxed canvas with a twice folded hem on one end and a once folded and covered with 1 inch nylon webbing hem on the other. The whole lot folded in two and back stitched with heavy linen thread half a inch from the edge, the last 3 inches or so was curved in ro make rounded corners which corresponded to the ones on the pan. The excess at the corner was trimmed off and the whole lot turned inside out. I wetted the stitching so it would dry tighter.

Inside the bags a home carved spatula, a plastic pair of tongs I'll replace with wooden ones and a a small Nalgene bottle to hold cooking oil. When I next go to town I'll get a small craft cutting mat and cut it down to fit if i can't find a 10 inch square one (from gogle that seams to be a standard size for quilters so I may find one ready to go. I've any number of old, larger ones but they are all well used and i would prefer a fresh one. Proper. rigid cutting boards are much thicker and heavier and there's a potential for scratching the non stick coating.


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