But.... do you use it?

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Mar 5, 2009
South Glos
Many years ago I was working on a customers car and while rummaging around the glove box looking for the locking wheel nut I found a genuine woodlore knife. What shocked me was that it had been sharpened so much that the bevel started at the logo.


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Jul 14, 2008
Why the shock? Just think of how much time the user has enjoyed using it. If you enjoy your time out or time using your knife then every time you sharpen your knife you're grinding in memories of those activities into the knife. Just because you can't remember them your knife does!

That woodlore knife has the memory of probably lots of use (unless the owner keeps messing up on sharpening and takes too much off each time).


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Jan 21, 2013
20181013_142603.jpg Got myself a TBS BOAR over a year ago and yes, I'm using it in the woods, in the kitchen when I cut up venison. Would I buy it again? For £130? Yes, every time, also because I can wear it horizontally.
Recently got a Mara Eldris on here and I haven't figured out yet on what to use it for. Not for whittling as it's too wide.
My folder, an EDC, is an Opinel no.8. And yes will always have one!!
My museum's piece, next to my bed is.....(see photo) and I'm not taking it into the woods EVER!!!



These are my users, and as the name suggests, I do use them.
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Jun 29, 2012
Ever since I got my hands on this rather expensive knife I've been using it on every trip and I use it hard (but wisely). I get so much satisfaction from using it that I'm about to ditch some knives that will gather dust from now on. Same for my Hilleberg XP10. Rather expensive tarp but I won't hold back to use it for what it is made for, provide shelter in harsh weather.


Aug 13, 2009
I am not sure exactly what qualifies as a high end knife, probably nothing I own, but I confess to having a number of knives, where my pleasure in them has been in crafting the handle and sheath, then hanging them on my wall. They are not really knives I would want to risk losing if I took them out of the house, with the current climate on knives unless I were taking them out to exhibit, the only use they have seen is in the home and I don't really think my dirk for instance has a lot of bushcraft utility as I have knives better suited to every day use, so that is what I tend to use, old beaters, opinels etc.


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Jan 11, 2011
I have an AW/RM Woodlore and also the WS version & must say that although I bought both of them to use I rarely use either of them. Partly because of the value, but also because I don’t find either of them very comfortable in use. The handles are a bit small for me on both of them, which makes them hard to grip firmly so I tend to leave them at home. My favourite user has a Steen Nilsson blade with a handle & sheath by Alf Branch. I bought it on here quite a few years back and use it for food prep and woodcarving. It’s very high end in terms of quality but it’s such a joy to use that the price is completely unimportant.
Was that an answer? I guess I’m posting two Woodlores for sale soon!


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Feb 10, 2019
I lost my favourite knife that I used for just about anything that needed cutting for over 30 years. I once used it to cut galvanised fence wire hitting the back of the blade with a stone, to free a dog that had become entangled. It was a full tang butchers knife (Sheffield) that I shortened and 're profiled the blade. Moved house last year, and it disappeared. Use a Boar folder now, and for anything bigger, a Marbles cleaver, which is an excellent tool.

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