British Army Modular Sleeping Bag!

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Feb 10, 2009
Ok, im struggling to make sence of this...
And need your input.

So I have bought a Brand New British Army Modular Sleeping Bag, consisting of...

Medium Weight Sleeping Bag
Light Weight Sleeping Bag
Army Issue Liner.

I have also managed to get a second hand original German Army Carinthia Goretex Bivvi Bag.

My Question is:-

The British Army Liner and Medium Weight Sleeping Bag with the Catrinthia Bivvi Bag are all centre Zip.

However the Lightweight Sleeping Bag is side opening!

I have looked at a few other simular military sleeping bags ie Dutch and German and the design and setup is the same.

I'm finding it really hard to do all the zips up from the inside, and am only presuming this design is to make the whole package windproof and keep the heat in?

What's your assessment of this strange setup / package? My previous dealings with Modular Sleeping Bags (I have used a few) is that all the zips are in the same location.

Your opinions are greatly received.

Many thanks


Jun 8, 2014
Poole, Dorset
Yes, the zips are offset for maximum warmth, but also maximum hassle. The US modular system all integrates at the zips so one zip opens all three pieces in one go.
I've found you don't need to zip up the inner bag on the UK one, make sit easier to use. And honestly I never really need both bags, the medium one in a bivvy is plenty warm for UK use.
Hope this helps


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Feb 10, 2009
Yes, that help a lot, thank you, was beginning to wonder if maybe I had bought a Lemon.

I have an American Modular Sleeping Bag and noticed that some cold air did come through the zips at minus 8 a couple of weeks ago due to all the 3 zips are together, which made for an unpleasant night.

Bought the above setup hoping for a better experience.

Having a completly sealed bivvi bag,
Without it being attached to the sleeping bag seems like a good idea (as long as u don't roll over and am unable to find the zip. Lmfao...)

Still can't work out how you get in a centre zip Liner then a side zipped bag followed by a centre zipped bag and bivvi ontop of that! As you suggest maybe leave the side zipped one undone!
Apr 7, 2016
Ah the "elephant in the tent"...…...we'll now find out that EVERYONE , who has said nothing for years.....struggles with liners, I know I do!
Except the one in my Czech blanket bag, coz it's buttoned in...………..;)


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Feb 10, 2009
The British army modular Sleeping Bags Liner is well tied in with coloured ties too...

But it doesn't stop you getting tangled up In it!


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Mar 5, 2018
I use the Snugpak Special Forces System and it works very well.
Every zipper is central.

It contains an adapter to connect both sleeping bags, so you can open it with only one zipper.

The very light Snugpak Special Forces bivvy bag (340g) has a half length central zipper.
That all works very well together.

But, yes, the question is:
How often will you use it in -15*C?
Usually one sleeping bag with bivvy bag is warm enough.
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Sep 18, 2008
Scouser living in Salford South UK
I've recently invested in a wiggy's system. Its the ultralight mummy bag and an overbag. Firstly, its far from ultra light and needs a 50 liter pack just for the sleeping bags. I've tried stuffing it into a 30 litre and theres ni chance. Although its lovely and warm in extreme temps and all zips together nicely, forget backpacking with it. And, wiggys dont make a dedicated bivvy bag to go with it. Wiggys say this is because its designed for extreme cold where a bivvy bag isnt needed due to the absence of rain and a bivvy bag will stoo the system breathing. I feel like I've wasted £300 quid.

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