Withdrawn Border Archery Mirage 66 Takedown Recurve Bow, matched arrows & bits

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Jan 3, 2007
1. ITEM: Mirage 66 Border Takedown Recurve Bow, matched arrows and accessories
2. CONDITION: Overall great condition, some wear spots on the handle and hole where I believe a balance or sight might have been mounted.
3. EXTRAS: 2 Dacron strings, arm guard, matched arrows, string pull guard, arrow rest, quiver, and case.
4. LOCATION: London
5. PRICE: £200 Postage Tracked and Signed for.
6. DESCRIPTION: Mirage 66 Border Takedown Recurve Bow, matched arrows and accessories. Comes with 2 matched sets of arrows at 26.5" and 28" (8 of each). Is a 34lb draw at 28". 2 strings, arrow rest, case, quiver etc.

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