For Sale 2011 Mathews Z7 Compound Bow + Extras

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Oct 16, 2011
£550 (all in [pp/p&p*, (*pending on location + UK)])

This bow is in mint, A1, as new condition, having been fired less than 100 times before a pre-existing shoulder injury put an end to its use. It has been kept in storage ever since.

Has recently been professionally inspected and described as being in 'pristine' condition.

Please note that it has 50lb limbs.

A classic compound bow that developed a strong reputation, the Z7® earned the prestigious awards as Outdoor Life’s "Editor’s Choice" and Field and Streams "Best of the Best".

2011 Mathews Z7 Magnum Compound Bow

28.5" draw

50lb limbs (US hunt legal)

Price includes:

Mathews Bow Quiver attachment,

Carter 2 Shot release (very minor surface pitting through storage)

Trophy Ridge Judge 5-Pin Micro RH (luminous sights),

Trophy Ridge Sure Shot Whisker Biscuit

Easton Axis Full Metal Jacket Arrows x 12

Plano Guard Case (*one clasp damaged/repair [epoxy] required, 2 keys (minor pitting through storage).

Finally, also included: Spyderweb Ultimate Target 24" - condition good.

*clasp can be epoxy'd back in place, which I'm happy to do before delivery. Does not affect the ability of the case to be locked or functionality of the case. Have left clasp not repaired to show damage.


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