Blue and Carbon fiber Kydex for a Stu Wilson Tanto

Heres one that Stu W made the mistake of saying " Do what ever you feel like for the Sheath"

Ive wanted to try some layered pierced Kydex to see what effect you can have

fittted to a tek lok large with stainless steel Chicago bolts gloss back finish for horizontal carry

so to match the blue/black G10 and Carbon fiber of the Knife's Signature Stu W handle

it gives 4 layers of Kydex at the edge 7mm thick and a nice chunky solid feel ( back is the same as the front as with my kydex it can be bolted on either way )

this one had no particular design plan and evolved from holes to shapes to following the blade shape as i changed my mind or over cut a bit :O

defiantly worth playing with maybe some scroll/fret work or logo design


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Jun 15, 2008
That's awesome, I'd love to see one in black with a bit of olive or desert sand on the inside layer...