11th Wedding Anniversary Knife and one for a friend Both N690

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Special knife finished and delivered for an 11 Wedding anniversary (Steel ) gift to her husband parrrently for chopping up meat n sausages at summer BBqs . Laser Logo is a design he did of their Initials and the date of the wedding they both have this as a matching Tattoo. I put in 11 satellite pins around the center pin one for each year and modified 2 to represent the years their 2 children where born in . N690 Full flat Taper tang with Nickle silver pins and G10 black scales in a Holstex Carbon fiber Black Kydex cover with Chrome Eyelets (I dont normally like the CF print in Black but it does suit this build)

Boy born in the 5th year Blue Pin
Girl born in the 8th year Pink Pin

For an old school friend who likes to travel this time wanted a larger blade strong but slicey in stainless but still slim and lightweight for a treck round India later in the year

From one of my Extra long pre cut hardened banks in 4.75mm N690 but more pointy than a Woodlore Full flat grind 35deg secondary

slim 6mm black and Brown G10 scales with Nickle silver Pins and Tubes (center is 15mm dia ) shaped and Stippled

Holstex Carbon fibre print Coyotee brown Sheath Wrap to keep it slim for pocket carry and a MOLLE lok as an option



A bemused & bewildered
Jan 5, 2013
SE Wales
Very classy work, both of these; but the anniversary knife is top notch! You've created an heirloom worthy of the name with that one :)