blacks non stick mess tins german ary billy messtins and dutch bottle and molle cover

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Apr 8, 2013
well guys 3 more items from my kit sort out
first up is a set of blacks non stick anodised mess tins. they have never been used and are a 3 part clip together kit
next up is agerman army mess kit not used just been stored for a while couple bits of paint missing here and there but perfectly fine
again these are 3 part (billy) smaller tray inside and smaller pan/ lid on top never used them and doubt anyone did before me they are like the Swedish kit I suppose but kidney shaped rather than oval and a tad smaller than the Swedish kit.
and finally a dutch army water bottle new but 1969 dated and this bottle comes with a modern dutch dpm cover which has molle fixings ie will match british molle and the pattern matches too the cover is new unissued.
I will get on with photos as soon as ive written this post.
here is my wants list
bcb crusader mess tins in good clean condition
12cm zebra billy can in very clean condition
16cm zebra billy can in very clean condition as new if possible
swiss army knife. alox scales in great condition
one of the larger swiss army knives even the locking type condition vital
pocket stove in good condition with the tin
low end market value fixed blade knives flat grind or scandi examples are mora knives
drop point hunters/ skinners
survival type production knives.
spotting scope (long shot) I know
biggish pieces of veg tanned thick leather
dc3 sharpener
blade blank
tatonka meths burner
tatonka wind shield
also willing to add any or of these items as a freebee in my two for one compass thread
Photos to follow in next post cheers guys

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