Belts and Bags (more knotwork) from me

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A few more bits and pieces to show off from the workshop, all xmas pressies commissioned or from myself, though as none of the recipients are forum users it's safe to show off here for now :)

First up is a custom guitar strap. I was asked for some knotwork each end, and for it to be adjustable between two certain lengths, and brown in colour.

WP_000197 by HamishOdinson, on Flickr

WP_000203 by HamishOdinson, on Flickr

CIMG6445 by HamishOdinson, on Flickr

CIMG6444 by HamishOdinson, on Flickr

Next up is a bag, ordered by a memeber here to give as a gift. I was asked to make a large sporran style bag, with some knotwork on it and a strap. As usual, everything is hand saddle-stitched with sinew. I love making these sporrans, and this one was no exception, especially as I had a little freedom with the design :)

sporran 2 by HamishOdinson, on Flickr

sporran 3 by HamishOdinson, on Flickr

sporran 4 by HamishOdinson, on Flickr

And lastly is a batch of belts I have made for family members this year. I'm now tired from tri-weave stamping :eek:

CIMG6452 by HamishOdinson, on Flickr

CIMG6454 by HamishOdinson, on Flickr

Thanks for looking, and apologies for the terrible pictures as they do not do the work justice. The light is poor here, and I'm no photographer, so I have to run all my pictures through several filters to bring out some of the detail. As a result everything black turns blue-ish, especially the black belt which looks faded though is in fact jet black, but it will do for now!



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Jan 31, 2005
Stunning Hamish, absolutely stunning. Especially like the guitar strap. Was talking to a mate the other day about him looking for a strap for his guitalele and a scaled down version of that would be perfect.


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Jan 5, 2013
SE Wales
I'd only need to practice half as long with that strap - but then I wouldn't want to take it off :) Superb work, all of it.


Mar 26, 2007
Good stuff, as always.

I know what you mean about photographing the work - that's my project for next year - learn to take some decent piccies of my work.

But, even if you don't think the photos are that good, I can still see through to the quality of the work beneath.

Geoff :)


Bushcrafter through and through
thanks fellas :)

Robbi, was around 2-3 hours to stamp the mahogany full tri-weave belt. A right pain I can tell ye! Though I know I have a new 'special' tri-weave stamp coming my way next week for my birthday, so expect to see more of this sort of stuff from me ;)

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