Beginners kit list - correction request

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Feb 10, 2016
Grand Cayman, Norway, Sweden
Mussels grow in the Baltic quite well, there are ideas and projects in Sweden to use them to clean up the brackish seawater (of the Baltic) soI thought you could forage for some living in the sand off the beach!

Interesting there are two nature preserves there. Any special reason ( plant or animal) why?

The coastline reminds me of the Swedish coast around Ystad and Trelleborg, areas I know well.
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Jun 10, 2006
south wales
Well, a lantern is adding weight. A a small fire does provide enough light for basic functions around the camp.
When I am out, I enjoy going to bed just after nightfall, then rise at sunset and watch birds etc wake up.
Salt tablets, if taken as recommended, are not potentially dangerous. It depends how much you sweat, on the outside temp and so on.
If you eat fish and summertime berries snd mushrooms, you need to add salt in some form. Rolling boil for a few minutes is enough, but personally I like to be able to get drinking water without boiling as an alternative.

I forgot to mention that a map is useful too, even on an island that is as small as 6 x 6 kilometers. I like to explore, and maps are good for the initial recon.

Thats why I asked if driving or walking.

Salt tablets are frowned upon these days because of the potential damage to your renal system. No need for them if your outdoor diet is good (one thing I learned when I was a Dialysis Nurse).

No need for a rolling boil either, heat to above 70c and the water is clean.


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Jan 11, 2017
Interesting there are two nature preserves there. Any special reason ( plant or animal) why?

Western reserve can be translated as "Bird's Paradise". Due to some special conditions (Im not a specialist in terminology to be honest) there are rare water and mud bird species stopping there during migrations. Over 200 species to be seen. Eastern one is called "Seagull's Sandbank". Its the only place in Poland where Sandwich tern is breeding.

So with a bit of additional research, I polished the list to full completion. Of course there will be tons of changes after some terrain tests, but for my first spring hikes it came out like that (in order, I would throw away the last thing first and so on):

Essentials - not going anywhere without these:
1. Knife (Helle Gaupe)
2. Firesteel (Solo Scientific Aurora)
3. Backpack (Karrimor 45 Sabre)
4. Sleeping bag (McKinley Laguna)
5. Foam mat (Plain)
6. Tarp (3x3m, DD Hammocks Superlight)
7. Paracord (30m)
8. First aid kit
9. Lunchbox (Zebra 14)
10. Compass (Silva Field)
11. Personal hygiene kit (Toothbrush, paste, soap)
Secondary - I could manage without, but they will make the trip much easier and/or safer:
12. Axe (Hultafors Classic Hunter)
13. Canteen (Wildo Hiker Bottle)
14. Whistle (Mil-Tec Bobby)
15. Sewing kit (BCB)
16. Additional clothing set
Additional - completely optional, but will be very useful for me personally:
17. Tinderbox (Light My Fire Tinderdust)
18. Notebook & pencil (Rite In The Rain)
19. Duct tape

+ Basic clothes, phone and supplies not listed as a kit part

Comes up to a total of 19 compact and lightweight items. Im very satisfied with this kit quality to price ratio. There will of course be changes (probably will add headlamp quickly, buy Osprey pack and Snugpak bag etc.) but I've already spent far to much time polishing that list. So enough planning, time to buy that stuff. Thank You very much for all help and advice. I will make another topic about clothing when I'll finish gathering the stuff listed above. Cheers and see You!


Nov 30, 2011
Its only a couple of days, if you have enough food, appropriate shelter / clothes and a means to collect and purify water i would say your sorted. Whistle, phone and first aid kit for emergencies, map and compass for nav. I wouldn't bother with a lantern or the like if your planning to have a fire, if you would like to bring one then LED lanterns are cheap and durable.


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