Attaching a yoke to PLCE Side pockets

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Jun 14, 2016
I looked too on the website , no trace of anything karrimor SF.
There's plenty of shiny karrimor stuff but mainly hiker trainers, shoes and shiny coats .
Might have to pay them a visit in town.


Feb 15, 2016
Strange, I just went on the site for sportsdirect (UK), and looked up sabre. Maybe that's why i got it all at the first try. For those outside of the UK, the side pouches from sports direct are a lot cheaper than buying them elsewhere though. The Sabre45 itself too. I paid more for it because last time i was just too late to buy from sports direct, and at 110 euro i had one of the cheapest for the sabre45 then (Typo in the description so didn't show up on normal searches, Most were priced at 145 euro or more.). Side pouches i paid a fair amount more too so definitely a good deal if you want some.