any sky technicians (info needed)

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Jun 29, 2004
i was,nt sure where to put this query, my apologies if it is in the wrong place. i had sky plus in my living room and got upgraded today to HD ,so i have a sky plus box full with ,all my outdoorsy stuff recorded.the question ,can i use this old box in my bedroom and how do i do it.would it work with one of those magic eyes from B&Q.or do i need to run a cable.


Apr 30, 2008
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Im no expert but,

The little box that sits out from your sky dish is called an LMB you get single, dual and quad ones, for sky+ you need a minimum of a dual lmb one line for the channel your watching and one for the channel thats recorded, i think, that the skyHD comes down the same cable, not sure i dont have it.

We have sky+ and i got the sky guy to put in a quad lmb with the view to "maybes" getting a second sky+, I ran cable from one of the spare unused LMB sockets to the old sky box and can watch free sky stuff (where i live there is no digital freeview reception).

Hope that helps a little.

you can get wireless tv transponders that will spit the output (non hd i think) from b&q etc, so that you can watch the same as whats on the main skyHD box, and the tv remote signals will be broadcast back from the box in your bedroom or wherever to the main box, but it means both TV will be showing the same so your wife canny watch corrie while your watching ray, you wont need your old sky box for this.

Like i said im no expert but have played around a little, id see if you have a quad lmb or not first. and how many cables are coming out of it.


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Apr 10, 2007
I think the recorded stuff should play ok as it's just like a player on its own.

When I got + I took out the multi room sub' and the engineer ran a cable from the dish to upstair bedroom.

Afraid I know nothing about the gizmos available.


Apr 30, 2008
Fife, Scotland
ahh perhaps i read to much into what you wanted to do there, if you just want to get/or watch the stuff on the old box im not sure how.


Nov 2, 2007
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The sky plus box will play on it's own but when you first switch it on it will automatically search the default Astra2 transponder for a signal so unless it's connected up it may not get any further than searching for a signal (depending on what box it is!) You should just be able to connect up the box via scart or aerial cable to a tv to watch any of the stuff you have recorded. Your viewing card will be linked to the box's serial number but recorded programmes (shouldn't if it's BBC etc) need the viewing card inserted. Your card will work in the old box but it's just pay per view and movies etc that will complain about the card not being paired with the box. There's no easy way of taking off the programmes as they are encrypted onto the sky plus's hard drive unless you connect up a dvd recorder to a scart and record back to dvd etc