Anger amid rise in 'dirty camping' in rural Scotland

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Aug 12, 2007
I’ve a foot in a few camps here,I own a motorhome and once had to stop someone from dumping the contents of a toilet cartridge in the woods next to loch Maree.Where we live we are constantly getting rubbish being fly tipped,about a year ago my wife caught a couple of guys dumping tyres she got pics and video of them and they were fined.
The tyres were not removed because the council said it was on private land and they can’t touch them,wonder where the money went.
I don’t think education is the key as we all know what is right and wrong people just don’t care,society has just changed in that people are not held accountable for their actions.
I thought about an advert for keep Scotland tidy that envolved a few clansmen being pursued by redcoats and having to hide in a rubbish strewn spot,that might just appeal to a particular demographic.


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Apr 15, 2005
In India they developed a kind of septic tank that they actively fed with every kind of organic material that they could. It produces gas that the villagers use for cooking. It's a win/win because it digests sewage and other stuff that would attract flies, etc., It provides cooking fuel without them having to cut down local trees for wood, or buy expensive propane or coal, and the end product is a very good fertilizer for their fields....with no surviving pathogens.

I suspect that it only works so simply because of the background heat of the place. I don't think it'd work without an awful lot of insulation in the North of Europe or the British Isles.
Good way to create soil for a rocky tropical island though :D
They do that in the UK as well, I think one of the companies that make em is called Klargester?
Big tank, something that stirs it up every once in a while.
Not sure if the tank is insulated but it would make sense if it was.

Some types have a reed bed to filter the runoff but developers get angsty about things taking up space they could sell as a house.

There's a lot more to it but drainage isn't really my field.


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Jul 14, 2008
Off topic but bad behaviour related. Took dog for a walk to meet partner and son from beavers a few days ago when the dog did its business at the edge of a little clearing besides the canal towpath. I went to pick it up having watched the dog do it. Seriously could not find it. Eyes fixed on the location she was at but no sight of it. Had to leave it in the thin, curled up autumn leaves.

My point is why do I fret about things like that when others can leave poo bags tied to tree branches guilt free? It's life all over. Those who care about things do, those who don't get away with impunity.

PS the only good thing was she went well off a path and to one side of the clearing. No bag used so it will simply degrade away naturally without causing problems. Still i obsess enough to mention it online.


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Feb 10, 2019
Some types have a reed bed to filter the runoff but developers get angsty about things taking up space they could sell as a house.
where I live, there is a quite progressive local council, and developers don't have an option on such matters. Unfortunately, it does reflect on the price of houses.
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