A Cumbrian Hoof Fungus foraging walk...

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Jan 3, 2016
Hallo. Have spent the last week among the Cumbrian Mountains. This one particular day, while the rest of the crew went to climb Sca-fell Pike, I went off on me tod for walk around the local wooded Crags and Fell-sides keen on finding my self some Hoof Fungus ( Fomes Fomentarius - for those that don't know, Hoof Fungus is where you obtain Amadou, a highly usable natural tinder ). So off I went...

DSCF1749.jpg Heading up into the Fellside, 'twas a gorgeous craggy woodland with plenty of pleasant adventurous nooks & crannies.

So I'm about an Hour in, I veer off up a slight slope from where I was to inspect some dead Birch I clocked... as I got closer...

DSCF1741.jpg I found this little chap... Happy days. It got better. The few dead Birch were loaded with Hoof Fungus, most of them small, but as I looked more intently, you get yer eye in...

DSCF1744.jpg I was able to harvest these all with-in a few dozen square Feet. Happy Days, I loaded up my Sack, and carried on up the Fell.

DSCF1753.jpg The way I was going eventually lead me up onto this narrow plateau, about 50 yards further on I veered right up the fell-side.

DSCF1754.jpg Looking back down into the Fell-side and Crags I'd just been mooching about among.

DSCF1756.jpg Finally reached my top most point for the day, here's the view North...

DSCF1763.jpg Taking in the view southwards with the snow-capped hights of Sca-fell Pike on the Horizon. Was a nice place to have a spot of Grub, so I did, before continuing.

DSCF1767.jpg So I'm on my way down... about 50 yard or so down the path, I veer off into the woodland, down the Fell-side... see if I can find some more Hoof Fungus.

DSCF1772.jpg I'm feeling confident...

And rightly so, I found some more of the little beauties...

DSCF1769.jpg Loaded up my Bag, for the last time and set off for Base. On my way back though I come across some thing that I've done all week in these Fells...

DSCF1775.jpg Some Quartz.

DSCF1774.jpg Here's my Haul of Hoof Fungus for the Days effort. Well Happy. Should give me a good stock of Amadou.


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