A Canadian 'Hello' from Oxford

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Jun 15, 2008
It was 30+ every day bar two of them. Have to say I like Cumberland even more than Courtenay/Comox, it's more rootin tootin. It's like my hometown moved from the prairies to the mountains. But the beer of choice there is Lucky Lager instead of Pilsner and the jobs are logging instead of oil rigs! All good either way.

The close proximity of going abroad and public transport are a massive bonus over here. That and no bears or mountain lions when you camp of course.


Hahaha Cumberland's definitely more rootin tootin. My house was on the first street outside of Cumberland, towards Royston! Oh Lucky Lager lol... it's the only place I've ever seen that beer!

I've always wondered about hammocks... I think I'd be really scared of being caught in one with an animal sniffing at my bum in the middle of the night! But then... would I be less sniffed at in a tent...?

Robson Valley

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Nov 24, 2014
McBride, BC
When a big momma grizz circles your little pack tent 3 times, what color is the inside of your sleeping bag?
I lived in OZ for 4 years. Other than the bugs & snakes, there were no predators of any consequence.

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