9 x 9 military tent info?

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Oct 14, 2006
southern scotland
I am looking to source a 9 x 9 military tent, does anyone have any info on the best place to get one and the difference in the varying grades available from military surplus suppliers.
Thanks in advance fellas


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Mar 5, 2008
~Hemel Hempstead~
Surplus stores I've used in the past had the following grades and meanings

Unissued - as it says
Supergrade - issued with minimal usage or marks
A Grade - Issued, light usage might have one or two minor repairs or marks
B grade - Issued, heavier usage and will likely have several repairs and worn parts.

You can also give RTi or Endicotts a buzz as they're both very good and helpful


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Oct 14, 2006
southern scotland
Thanks for that. A bit of variation in pricing hence the grading query .
Don’t mind one with a bit of character but ideally don’t want one that’s scrap.


Mar 24, 2019
Another source is ebay. I dont know how much the OP knows about the tent canvas, brackets and poles so I will try and describe it all. The canvas is a one piece affair. One end is a sort of very short tunnel and its meant for fitting onto the back of a FFR (Fitted For Radio) Landrover (with the LR door open) There are windows on opposite sides and a canvas flap that can be toggled shut/open. When packed up the tent fits into a canvas bag with a drawrope type closure. Its about the size of a gym punch bag. Its not the normal military type valise with eyelets and lace up fastening. The bag is actually quite a tight fit and could do with a modification. The poles are aluminum and the leg poles (4) have a flat plate at the base. They are about 5 foot in length and all fit along with the other framework into a long thin canvas bag. The brackets also have their own bag.
I have always thought the tent has plenty of scope for modifications to the canvas, such as clear windows and heavy duty zips for the door and a drop down side. Might be worthwhile looking for a damaged one or a less than perfect graded one. The military previously coated worn canvas with mystox but Im not sure if its easily available on the civilian market.

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