15° plane bevel?

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Bushcrafter through and through
Nov 29, 2003
I suspect you’re right!

it’s packed ina box now but I’ll take more pictures when it’s unpacked.
I do have a toothed blade as well but no suitable plane for it - it’s solid all the way up so won’t fit anything I have currently.


Aug 7, 2014
Cheshire, UK
If you google "Scraper plane", it does look very similar to a number of modern equivalents, made by Stanley, Veritas and others. Those all have fixed, and presumably rigid, blades in them, but maybe with smaller frogs and blades.

Robson Valley

Full Member
Nov 24, 2014
McBride, BC
My sole concern is with the bevel angle. Having enough steel behind the edge to support it in service. I do not believe that 15 degrees is at all "bash-worthy" for a plane blade. In wood carving, I'll reserve 15 degrees for my straight and crooked knives where I anticipate thin chips and thin shavings, cut with sweeping hand and arm motions. Heavier service, no less than 25 degrees.

I make my own cabinet scrapers with 90 degree corner cutting edges.
My Stanley Bailey #5 plane has a 30 degree beveled blade which cuts like a dream in softwoods and hardwoods (rosewood and mahogany, for examples).
My spoke shaves are 28 degrees for some reason unknown to me but I've pulled them a mile in birch without a problem. My Stubai drawknife is 25 degrees. That cuts just fine for the rough-out shaping stage for a pole carving.
That's the physically demanding stuff.

All of my fine crooked carving knives are 12 degrees, maybe a little more.

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