1 day course - Soft Cheese and Fermentation - Tuesday 4th August

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White bear (Admin)
Apr 16, 2003
Soft Cheese and Fermentation - 1 day course with Neil Comley Tuesday 4th August

Cost: £60
Date: Tuesday 4th August
Maximum numbers: 15
Candleston Campsite, Bridgend. CF32 0LS
Provided by: Neil Comley

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In this exciting one day course Neil and Claire will help you learn how to convert milk into soft cheese and other products such as Butter, Kefir and Quark infused with herbs.

You will also learn the next steps in the longer term process of hard cheese, including butter and its offshoot buttermilk through the stages of maturing your finished cheese for longer term storage as well as the benefits of Fermentation.

Milk is the base ingredient you will be using, you will learn about its short and long term value as well as how to get more out of it as a base ingredient while limiting any waste.

We will provide the kit needed to run through the shorter process of making soft cheese and whey. Once you have got the hang of these, we will cover other things that can be made from this base.

Tools on hand will include all the necessary pans, cloths, thermometer etc. Needed for the hands-on during the day.

We'll also cover how you might tackle all this by ear/ eye, so please just bring along your senses and a Tupperware or cold storage box to take away your finished soft cheese.

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