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  1. Leo Seven

    How I build a wooden log cabin in a forest alone. PART 2

    This is the second part of the video of my work in the forest. Covid 19 partially limited people in freedom. This is one of the reasons why I go to the forest so as not to go crazy at home. Almost finished.
  2. D

    Emergency grab bag with toddler

    A little while ago there was a recommendation that everyone should have an emergency grab bag. So one puts together a large rucksack and fills it with all the gear that could be essential to survive, but then you've also got to pack for your young toddler. What do you pack? Now say said...
  3. J

    North east bushcraft woodland areas

    I'm wondering if people know great spots to practise bushcraft but also have overnighters. i have my normal places to go but want to discover new places.
  4. XIX

    Sold **last Price drop**Bayley S4 Survival knife

    For sale is my unused Bayley S4 survival knife. Purchased and never used-been in a display cabinet. I had intended to use it but couldn’t bring myself to do so. Perfect condition with black leather scout sheath and leather authenticity certificate. Will be posted special delivery. Price...
  5. T

    help, fishing line and/or hobo.

    i have all the gear but no idea. can someone teach me the basics of fishing. ive tried and had no luck. i would love to catch and cook my own, but up to yet ive had to catch my fish from tesco..
  6. T

    Will drinking blood actually dehydrate you?

    In a survival situation, you'll obviously want to use all resources available to you. If you've managed to catch an animal, its blood is definitely one such resource. However, in survival manuals I've come across, if they mention blood, they say not to drink it, as it will dehydrate you. Other...
  7. Le Loup

    Reading Glass Fire Lighting.
  8. Le Loup

    A Woodsrunner's Day Part Three.
  9. Le Loup

    The Advantages of A flintlock Gun for Long Term Wilderness Living/Survival.

    Please note that this information was written for Australia, in the UK you will have to check your local firearms laws. But flintlocks are being used in the UK by Living Historians & Historical Re-enactors, & there is no law against using the flintlock for hunting in the UK as far as I know...
  10. Le Loup

    Flintlock Fire Lighting.

    The flintlock muzzle-loading gun is in my opinion the best gun you can use for long term wilderness living/survival. The first gun I made as a kid in the UK was a primitive "Handgonne", which had to be fired using matchcord. The flintlock is far superior & much easier to use. If you get the...
  11. Le Loup

    Woodsrunner Skills List.

    Here is a basic list of skills that the woodsrunners in our group are expected to be familiar with. Keith. Woodsrunner’s Skills. New England Colonial Living History Group 1680-1760. This is a list of basic skills in which we expect an 18th century woodsman or woods-woman to have some experience...
  12. Le Loup

    A Woodsrunner's Day Part One. VIDEO. By Keith H. Burgess. An ex West Sussex lad.
  13. Le Loup

    My Blog Link For 18th Century Oilcloth & Canvas For Shelters.
  14. B

    Teepee or lean to?

    leave a post on what your favourite survial/bushcraft shelter is and if you could please leave a picture to inspire everyone else
  15. L

    24 Hour Challege - Survive with just a knife.

    See how I did in my 24 Hour Survival Challenge. We all scream at the TV saying we can do better than those people on a survival program. How many of us have a go? I did! See what happened here:
  16. twyforge

    WANTED Bits and Bobs for a Survival Tin

    Hi, Looking for bits and pieces to put together a survival tin for explorers, thought I'd try here before buying things. Things like a firesteel blank, waterproof match container, fishing bits etc. etc. Anything under that genre really. I have a couple of bits to trade, if not I'd be happy to...
  17. Angst

    Ray Mears Wilderness Axe Sheath, The First For Sale & Stock For The Bushcraft Show! the first customer, BCUK'er Steve13, received his new sheath and here's the pic...I stamped it with a number 1 on the back to make it that little bit more special for him...glad you're pleased mate! and today I did another video with Chris Caine which will be on his channels later...
  18. Angst

    Chris Caine Survival Knife Sheath…The First One!!!

    Hi everyone….here it is…the first of its kind….I’ve re-drawn the template and made a couple of cosmetic changes… the first ten I make will be numbered but the very first one is going to Sir Tom Linden of The UK Preppers Radio Network (and only his will have his...
  19. Seoras

    Spring Weekend with Coastal Survival

    Every now and then I head off into the hills with some friends. This time it was to be Gordon and Rick, whom I have worked with for a number of years at the Crisis Open Christmas shelters, and I had arranged with my friend Fraser from Coastal Survival that we would come down and spend time at...
  20. Angst

    Chris Caine Companion Sheath MKII & New CC Knife Sheath!

    Hi...just finished these....made a few changes to the first Companion sheath design....bit longer to enable eyelet, moved the belt loop round a little and changed the flap size and angle which was a nightmare....very happy with it and this ones mine lol! And first draft for Chris'