survival knife

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  1. S

    For Sale - Rob Bayley S4 Survival Knife

    For Reluctant Sale - Rob Bayley S4 Survival Knife - January 2017 Purchase Date Received directly from Mr Bayley himself. Copy emails to prove purchase. Please see pictures - I' no David Bailey but I tried! Never been used and stored in a clean, dry and pet loving home! Complete with beautiful...
  2. L

    Fallkniven A1 new and unused, need a quick sale!

    As the title states, this is a new and unused knife. A brand new knife, the knife itself has not been taken outside the confines of my home. It's a fantastic knife, I could go on and on about the quality however there is an abundance of information online about Fallkniven's manufacture process...
  3. B

    Recomend me a knife?

    Hi people; i'm new here so hello to all. im looking at getting myself a knife, it will be my first investment into a knife so please be gentle! i've looked around various sites and read numerous posts on here and i'm pretty baffled to be honest. The knife will mainly be used weekends for...
  4. savagebushcraft

    FOR SALE Large Bush/Survival Knife

    NOW SOLD Here I have a large bushcraft/survival knife and Kydex sheath, both handmade by myself. Knife 3/16" O1 Blade 165mm (6 1/2") Blade, 295mm (11 3/4") Overall 24º Scandi grind Olive Drab Micarta Scales 0.8mm High Impact Liners (Black) Alloy pins and lanyard tube Crisp 90º on spine...
  5. S

    Survival Knife Review: The Swiss Army Knife Classic?

    by Leon Pantenburg Elk Lake, Oregon is one of the major re-supply places for hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail. Every year, a handful of through hikers will attempt to walk border-to-border on the trail. They generally start in Mexico in April, and start trickling in to the Elk Lake Resort...
  6. S

    The Best Survival Knife?

    by Leon Pantenburg Bring up a subject around the campfire, like the best caliber for a deer rifle, best salmon fly or the best all-around survival knife and you will get opinions! But the survival knife topic begs to be explored. Of all the tools needed to ensure your survival in an...