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  1. Charlz9mm

    Micro sporran

    I made this tiny sporran. It has a; cowhide flap, pigskin pouch and goat skin cord. Made from hobby shop scraps. https://flic.kr/p/E5zRMp
  2. Dreadhead

    How I make Sporrans - Video

    Hi BCUK, Whilst working on a recent sporran commission, I decided to film the whole process out of curiosity (although I did forget to film some small steps such as oiling and waterproofing). This was not intended as a tutorial or how-to, as there are plenty of those around and the pattern is...
  3. Dreadhead

    Lots of leather Pouches, Bags, Belts, Arm Guards, Axe Loops

    I have some stock left over from doing a couple of markets this summer, so they are all up for online sale now until I next book any markets. Albeit most of it is viking styled, but most can be worn in normal circumstances and you wouldnt know it was 'viking'. They are also up for sale on Etsy...
  4. Dreadhead

    Some of my latest Leatherwork

    Hi everyone, I have been too busy lately to keep posting up new stuff so I will bung it all in one thread here. Here just a few things I have been working on lately, as well as the two dozen half finished projects sitting in the workshop! Kilt belt with carved Pictish design from the Monikie...
  5. Dreadhead

    Belts and Bags (more knotwork) from me

    A few more bits and pieces to show off from the workshop, all xmas pressies commissioned or from myself, though as none of the recipients are forum users it's safe to show off here for now :) First up is a custom guitar strap. I was asked for some knotwork each end, and for it to be...
  6. Dreadhead

    Celtic 'La Tene' Belt & Sporran

    My latest project is now up for grabs, a pictish/celtic la tene belt with a matching sporran. The belt is 2" wide and 53" long with straight cut edges (not rounded or burnished). The belt has a la tene pattern hand carved down the entire length in sections. The belt can be shortened easily to...
  7. Dreadhead

    3 NEW sporrans - Reindeer & Sheepskin

    ALL POUCHES HAVE NOW BEEN SOLD I'm well and truly back having renewed my Maker Plus status :) I'm still getting settled back in the UK, so there will only be the occasional pouch or belt when I find the time but it's a start :) Rather than start a new thread I ave just updated this old...
  8. Dreadhead

    7 Norse Possibles Pouches

    Just finished my latest batch of sporran type possibles pouches so here they are for sale on BCUK first :) The pouches come in two sizes, small and large. There are pictures below of each pouch next to my swiss army knife for scale. the small pouches are still tardis-like and can fit a fair...
  9. Dreadhead

    Triskele sporran for myself

    Heading back upto my hometown of Aberdeen on friday to get kilted up for a wedding. I remembered i don't have a decent sporran so hastily knocked this up from some of my scraps. will no doubt get some more pictures of it at the wedding Made from 4mm veg tan and some tough suede. hand...
  10. Dreadhead

    Some of my latest leatherwork

    Have been working like a packgoat the past week building up some stock and getting some orders out. Cuffs, sporrans, tinder pouches, tobacco pouches, and patches. here are the fruits of my efforts oh and a tiny scabbard for a novelty claymore (inlaws thought it would be...