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  1. T

    Seeking info on the original woodlore specs.

    Howdy Ya’ll, I’m new here, and thought that a British forum would be a good place to ask about the the original woodlore knife. I would like to have a go at making my own from an old file, and am curious if anyone could point me to a direct list of specs for the Ray Mears/Alan Wood woodlore...
  2. T

    Sold SWC Bushcraft Knife, Olive wood Scales.

    SWC Bushcraft Knife, Olive wood Scales. Ray Mears Leather Sheath, Mini sharpening stone & Ben Orford Antler Firesteel (unused) Knife is used in good condtion just needs a little TLC. £300 Posted
  3. L

    Copied conversation thread - Ray Mears 25th Anniversary Woodlore Knife #100

    Note from Tony - This is not a ales thread but a copy of a thread in classifieds, this thread is for conversation so the sales thread can remain clean. Hi everyone! As an occasional visitor to these forums, I am well aware of the comments that are typically made when members sell high value...
  4. Angst

    Ray Mears Wilderness Axe Sheath, The First For Sale & Stock For The Bushcraft Show!

    Hi....today the first customer, BCUK'er Steve13, received his new sheath and here's the pic...I stamped it with a number 1 on the back to make it that little bit more special for him...glad you're pleased mate! and today I did another video with Chris Caine which will be on his channels later...
  5. Angst

    Ray Mears Wilderness Axe...New Sheath Done!

    Hi....as you may know I received my new axe a couple of days ago and last night about midnight I started on the first template...by 3am it was clamped up whilst the glue dried....and I went to bed nervous lol..... I decided to take a risk and go for one with a tooled border all the way...
  6. S

    Wilkinson Sword in mint condition with Black Micorta Handles

    Ok, as A FULL Member now, im allowed to post on here. In the ever quest to upgrade to a bigger and Better .22 rifle, Im now looking at a Spikes AR.22 ST But with prices starting at £1500 and upwards very quickly with added extras, it’s slightly out of my range... at the moment... Im...
  7. richardww

    Folding Bucksaw

    hi all am looking for a R/Mears woodlore folding buck saw, would perfer the newer canvas bag, which carries a axe, have paypal, or some really nice knifes to trade. Thanks for looking richard
  8. kard133

    Ray Mears... Gocompare advert?

    Has anyone else seen the Gocompare advert where Ray traps that annoying :censored: in a net? Who else would have been happier if it was a more lethal trap? Any comments on what trap should have been used?
  9. D

    Frontier Bushcraft course and what I thought of it!

    Hey guys, I recently went down south on a bushcraft course with http://www.frontierbushcraft.com and really enjoyed it. Personally I've been into bushcraft for years now but going back to the basics was really enjoyable. The course was taught by Paul Kirtley, former course director at...
  10. Squid

    Camelbak 2 litre holder for swap

    Got an unused 2 litre camelbak that I wont use. It has the plastic shrink wrap still covering the mouth piece. Looking for cooking bits, stoves or whatever you may have Here's the pic: http://s639.photobucket.com/albums/uu113/captainsquid123/?action=view&current=IMG_2825.jpg
  11. jimjolli

    For Sale: Ray Mears Swazi Tahr, Large

    Hello, I recently bought a Ray Mears Swazi Tahr in Large from this thread on BB: http://www.britishblades.com/forums/showthread.php?99872-RM-Swazi-Tahr-Size-L-Great-Condition&highlight=swazi+tahr It is great, and in mint condition, but it just doesn't suit me so I'm selling it on. I...