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  1. Tony

    Autumn Moot 8-14th October 2018

    I'll get more details up soon, tickets are available HERE
  2. Tony

    WinterMoot 2019

    Just to let you all know that we'll be having a winter Moot in Febuary of next year (2019) We'll get up more details in a short while, this is what we have for now. WinterMoot Date - Febuary 18-24th 2019 Location - Merthyr Mawr, South Wales (Same location as the Summer Moot) The Winter Moot...
  3. Dave Budd

    over too soon (pic heavy)

    Well, I got back yesterday and after a sleep am now compos enough to post up :) I got there a day or so earlier than normal and arrived on tuesday evening, just in time for the torrential rains to finish (apparently the first day or so had no let up). Set up my bedroom for the duration (a...
  4. twyforge

    New to the moot

    This year will be my first time having persuaded the family to attend the moot, and as is to be expected, I am very, very excited :p The five of us will be going, i.e. my parents, two younger siblings (11 & 8) and myself. Any advice that anyone may have would be very much appreciated, as...
  5. kard133

    Thanks from a Noob :)

    I would just like to say thanks to everyone I met at this years moot, for the help and advice, and the generally great atmosphere. Special thanks to: Spikey ( Squirrel stick, this man is nuts), Dave Budd, great craftsman, and a really nice guy, Tim_n (hope the Husquavarna will serve you...
  6. J

    somerset bushcrafters winter camp? anyone?

    the snow around the country is making my itchy to get out for a night or two.... anyone fancy the same or already have plans that i might be able to gatecrash into? :)
  7. Nightwalker

    Summer Bushmoot 2010 Video

    Spent a few hours today putting together a video on the Bushmoot, thought it would be nice to show newcomers what it's like and the sort of things you can get up to. Unfortunately there were workshops I didn't manage to film due to either running them or being on them, but still I think it gets...
  8. Nightwalker

    Bushmoot 2010 Photos - Share Yours!

    Thought I would create a place where we can all share our photos of the 2010 Bushmoot. If you have photos you would like to share, please post your links up here... Huge thanks to Tony, mod's & everyone else who helped organise another great event.
  9. maddave

    Map of the BushMoot Site

    You'll get a hard copy of the map when you arrive. But for those who want to have a look first please find the mootmap below
  10. FreddyFish

    May 7th-8th-9th Somerset Bushcraft Meet/Gathering

    Riding on the crest of success of the last gathering we had, hear we go again.... May Friday 7th eve Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th FYI You will need to bring your own water /...
  11. Jaysurfer

    Somerset Bushcraft WKND Meet 26-28 March

    Hi Everyone After our successful Somerset Bushcraft pub meet in the fitting ancient surrounds of Glastonbury we are going to 'attempt' to get together for the weekend of the 26th and 28th of March. See original thread: I have a...