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  1. Leo Seven

    First PIZZA in my life.

    For the first time in my life I cooked pizza on fire. I climbed the mountains for a very long time. The weather very often changed from sunny to rainy. At an altitude of 2300 m there are no trees and I had to carry a bag of firewood ... I was not able to shoot the pizza cooking process in...
  2. M

    London talk 15 Oct 2019: Wild foods & the origin of the Mediterranean diet

    Annual Kent-Kew Distinguished Ethnobotanist Lecture 2019 Shifting geographies of ethnobotany: How Iraqi is the Mediterranean Diet? Professor Andrea Pieroni University of Gastronomic Sciences Pollenzo, Italy 17.00 - Tuesday 15 October, 2019 Jodrell Lecture Theatre, Kew Gardens, TW9 3DS (entry...
  3. T

    S. America - Patagonia - Valdivian Temperate Rainforest Edible Plants?!

    Hi, Does anyone have any knowledge or know of any books/websites which might help me. Im going on a 4 week trip into remote the Patagonian Rainforest this December - I'm struggling to find much info on what plants and berries there are to eat - i'm told by a local, not many - "a few berries in...
  4. T

    help, fishing line and/or hobo.

    i have all the gear but no idea. can someone teach me the basics of fishing. ive tried and had no luck. i would love to catch and cook my own, but up to yet ive had to catch my fish from tesco..
  5. T

    Will drinking blood actually dehydrate you?

    In a survival situation, you'll obviously want to use all resources available to you. If you've managed to catch an animal, its blood is definitely one such resource. However, in survival manuals I've come across, if they mention blood, they say not to drink it, as it will dehydrate you. Other...
  6. Th3V1k1ng

    Meal packs - food packs - pic heavy

    Meal packs - Sent out via Royal mail 1st class List will be, meal pack, best before date, and Price and postage price. I will combine postage, but let me know which packs you want, using the meal pack number, so I can weigh them and work out the price. Added the pics as well. Free gift with...
  7. F

    Freeze dried or canned?

    Hi, When I camp wild I have been using canned stews, breakfasts, etc and heating them in my pot. I use these as I don't want to fork out the cost of ration pack type meals. I have grown sick of the mess in my pot, the weight of the cans and having to carry them back with me. I'm now looking...
  8. mousey

    My bill can

    My billy can, this is what I would consider small 14cm diameter 13cm high, it's a cheap generic brand from amazon or ebay, comes in a nesting set of three and is the smallest one. Fits snuggly into a water bottle pouch, haven't used this one much I've used the larger ones as I've usually cooked...
  9. TheBrook

    Wild Food Wheel

    Hey One and All, As always I hope my message finds you well? A little idea that I am trying to implement this year that will increase my knowledge of my local surrounding and hopefully it will inspire you to do the same. Would love to know...
  10. Col_M

    Fuizion freeze dried food

    I thought I'd give my impression on the Fuizion freeze dried meals that I bought for the winter hike I did. I'm going to rate these meals as I would food that I'd get at home as it's what I'm most familiar with. Why Fuizion? I decided to give Fuizion a go as I'd seen good reviews and read...
  11. Samon

    Home cooking, affordable and delicious!

    I would like this thread to be dedicated to cheap, healthy and tasty meal recipes for those of us on limited incomes! As we all know a healthy diet is a key part to a long and happy life, and also a great learning experience for our youngsters so the more recipes, tips and tricks out there for...
  12. forestwalker

    What kills starving people?

    (Also posted to The litterature on survival tells many tales of death by starvation, but also of survival after long periods of starvation. We have Christopher McCandless who died after having spent a winter on starvation diet (when...
  13. Nicholson95

    Food Food Food!

    Hey there! Haven't been on here in a while so thought id post something fairly useful or interesting for bush crafters and survivalists alike. as you all probably know we all need food to live. so I have been wondering dose anyone go out of there way to have nutritional or great tasting meals...
  14. Totumpole

    Heinz Sqeeze n Stir Soup

    Found some of these in thew shop for 60p a pop Its basically 70g of thick tomato thick paste which you dissolve down into soup (& its one of your 5 a day). Only slightly bigger than a cuppasoup and more nutritious (and I...
  15. bushcraftmyway

    bushcraft cooking... my way!

    my first vid posted on youtube was about fire making and outdoor cooking: since than i posted (among other things) other outdoor food/cooking-related vids: - a nice trick to prevent food from sticking to the pot...
  16. Partickpebbles

    Top 5 items to cook in a fire.

    Hi Heading out Friday for an overnighterand just wondered what peoples top 5 dishes are to cook on a open fire? So far I have done: Raikeys Chorizo and sweet potato dish which was lovely. Jackets spuds using foil. Chicken Curry in the tin/can. Sausage and Beans in the can. So as you...
  17. S

    Pig killing and processing

    Hello everyone, not quite wild food but it would be similar for the wild boar here. I am just having a stab at getting pictures up on the site and this is my first go. This is a set of pictures from a pig killing we did at my...
  18. Smith28

    Food Safe Lubricant

    I've been searching around for a while now but can't really find anything that shouts out as being a well respected and commonly used food safe lube for blades that lots of people like. So I'm asking you guys this, what do you use to lube your blades that you are going to be using for food...
  19. Nicholson95

    Walk about/ camp food :) yumm!

    What food do you bring when your going walk-about or when camping?? I personally have taken in the past :- 24hr Mod Rat pack. Salami. Sandwiches. Rice. Pasta. Haggis. Bacon. Eggs. I know not much right? well I was looking for some new ideas :D Lovley scoff ;) Stay Frosty Iain
  20. ProjeKtWEREWOLF

    'Food For Free' - Richard Mabey

    I found this in 'The Works' for £3.99 NEW. Nearly £7 on Amazon. Not affiliated etc etc. Just thought it's a bit of a bargain for anyone who hasnt already got it.