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  1. Wayne

    First Aid Course Arundel West Sussex

    Forest Knights are running a 2 day 16 hour outdoor first aid course 2nd- 3rd March 2019 This fully certified course will take you from novice first wider to a confident and competent first person on scene. Our courses are designed specifically for those working and travelling in the outdoors...
  2. HandsonBushcraft

    Hands on Bushcraft - Bushcraft Experience 28th February

    Hi everyone, We have our Bushcraft Experience course coming up at the end of February (28th). This course covers a variety of skills including: - Fire lighting - Shelter building - Tree and plant ID - Game preparation - Cooking techniques - Spoon Carving We are happy to offer...
  3. Dreadhead

    Leatherwork Course Coupons - South Scotland

    Hi BCUK, Due to the success of running leatherwork courses in Norway and the unexpected demand I've had lately, I've decided to start running more at home in Scotland. To promote this, I am selling unique hand tooled leather coupons for 1, 2, and 3 day courses with me. These can be bought...
  4. Dave Budd

    Spaces on April Knife Making course!

    Morning folks :) The first group knife making course of the year is on in a couple of weeks time and I find myself with a couple of spare places! So I thought I would offer them up here :dancer: The course is set for the weekend of 26th-27th and held in my Woodland Workshop in the heart...
  5. descry0

    Course Cancellation and refund - what's your policy?

    I'd like to get other people's view on course cancellation policies. I enquired when booking a course and this is the response: "Our cancellation policy is pretty relaxed - you'd loose £100 to cover the VAT we've had to pay, advance payment on materials (bow staves need to be bought well in...
  6. R

    mates for winter bushcraft course/expedition in Sweden february 2014

    Hi guys, I hope this is the right place to post this. I am looking for 3 guys to join me in a winter bushcraft course in Sweden on next february, probably 8th to 15th Feb. 6 days, 600 pounds per person. The instructor is Matt Larsson-Clifford who is a qualified teacher of Outdoor Education...
  7. Wayne

    Bow Making Courses

    Hi. I have unexpectedly got several places available for Bow Making Courses on 21 - 23 June and 28 - 30 June. Due to a client getting their dates mixed up. Therefore I am able to offer a late booking discount. 3 Days Bow Making fully catered £175.00 per person. Usual cost £225. Courses will...
  8. theoctagon

    Woodland Ways Weekender

    For my birthday last year I received a voucher for a weekend long Woodland Ways Bushcraft course. I've just landed home from a weekend down in Derbyshire attending the course so I thought i'd share a few words/pics which will hopefully interest a few of you. Before getting in to the pics etc...
  9. Rob

    Emergency First Aid Courses

    Not very bushcrafty, I know..... We have an HSE Emergency First Aid Course (1 day) running in East Grinstead on the 22nd of this month. We also have one running in the woods between Canterbury and Folkstone the day after (23rd) (Barham) - in the woods, but just a standard HSE Emergency First...
  10. Rob

    Tracking Course - Spring 2012

    Our next Tracking Course will take place on the weekend of 30th March - 1st April in Sussex. More details here.
  11. Rob

    Expedition / Outdoor First Aid

    We have had a couple of people ask us about course dates over the winter months - as we don't usually run any courses until the spring, after the autumn ones. If anyone is interested, drop me a pm or an email through Wilderness 1-2-1 and I will see what we can come up with.
  12. Rob

    Tracking - ITM

    We spend a lot of time providing Tracking training to private groups through the year, but always find the time to put on some open courses. Our next Tracking Course will be running on the weekend of 18th - 20th March 2011 - in Sussex. Details of the course can be found on the website...
  13. Rob

    NGB / HSE Outdoor First Aid / Medical Course

    Our next REC Level 2 First Aid / Med Course is running on 11th - 13th March in Sussex. General Details can be found here - with specifics for this course in the online store here. The Exploration Medicine course covers the core elements of dealing with problems in an outdoor setting, with...
  14. B

    Which course?!

    Ok I have been looking into attending a bushcraft weekend course but there are so many! Can any of you recommend any to me that you have attended? Maybe you run them and want to recommend yourself? Here are my requirements: - Location - I live in London, traveling to Sussex is preferable...
  15. Tony

    bcuk Foundation Skills Week - 30th May – 3rd June 2011

    . . Bushcraft UK Foundation Skills week - 30th May – 3rd June 2011 The Bushcraft UK, Foundation Skills course is a low cost high quality opportunity for members of the Bushcraft UK community to experience top of the range instruction in fantastic rural Dorset at an affordable price...
  16. Woody

    Bushcraft Expeditions Newsletter

    Hi Guys, I just thought you may like to peruse our November newsletter and see what we have been up to Please click here to view. Looking forward to the Bushcraft Skills and wildfoods courses in 2011. Woody. PPs. Clicking this link will not sign you up to the newsletter. But if you...