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  1. D

    Planning Weekend getaway

    My friend and I have both done some basic survival training through true ways survival courses, was great fun and were looking to get away from the world in 2020 and camp up by the sea side with a fire and subsistence fish for 2 or three days. Were city boys and outside the training, camping...
  2. L

    What equipment should I buy? Tarp & Bivvy?

    Hello. Was looking to buy a tarp and a bivi bag for some small camping (set up late, pack up early etc.), however not doing this before and there being a lot of choice out there don't know what to get? Anyone have any recommendations? Nothing to expensive and light as possible? Thanks, Lee.
  3. A

    Begginers Stuck

    Hi, A Few days ago I got a recommended video pop up on my youtube. It was a man doing an overnight camp with his dog in Canada, I clicked on it and before I knew it had watched the entire video lasting just over 1 hour. I was hooked and have watched many hours since. So my Question is ... How...
  4. Folcwigga

    Tell me what i'm doing wrong at sharpening (video)

    I made a thread a few months back about how i was having a hard time of learning to sharpen knives and other blades just by watching videos or reading books. Since then i haven't been able to get to any meets, so instead i've made a video of my attempts at sharpening. It's short (under 4 mins)...
  5. R

    My First Solo Overnighter - Kit

    Hi guys, I'm a teenager who's loves hiking/backpacking etc but I'm fairly new to bushcraft, and I'm going on my first ever solo overnighter in a couple of weeks time. I thought it would be good practice for me to do a video run through of the kit I've prepared so far so you guys can give some...
  6. H

    Beginner's look

    I want to share my experience as a beginner in the world of bushcraft in case there are any 'just curious' browsers reading this forum wondering what all the fuss is about. I have been lucky enough to live near what I, with a glorious lack of precision, like to call 'the countryside', for my...
  7. C

    Folding Saws!

    I've recently found a really useful web page that lists the basic bushcrafty kit. Here it is : I've nearly got everything I need but now I've ran into a bit of a wall. When it comes to folding saws I don't know what makes a...