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  1. wolf man

    Books. apps for ipad2

    Having been given a surprise ipad2 for my birthday, i was at a loss as to what to do with it and how best to use it. I come up with the idea that it would be brilliant as a reference guide for plants, mushrooms etc when out and about. Can you recommend any books that I could down load for...
  2. Andie

    nice app for the iphone

    hi all just been scrolling through itunes for some new apps for the iphone and i came across the bear grylls app now at £1.99 i thought would it really be worth it i thought about it for a bit and in the end i went for it and all i can say is wow some very informative stuff on there plenty of...
  3. Melonfish

    Suggest some bushcrafty android apps please?

    Can anybody recommend any bushcrafty or useful apps for my android phone? i've already got a couple of knot apps because frankly i keep forgetting my knots (and i used to be a scout!) :D pete
  4. Ben98

    Nokia N8 outdoors apps?

    I have just got a Nokia N8 and wondered if there were any good outdoors apps for it. I have already got the compass, sports tracker and camp guide but wondered if there were any more?
  5. torc

    iPhone Outdoor Apps.

    I found these tonight, I don't know how worthwhile they are as I do not own an iPhone. I hope they are of use. Happy trails...torc.
  6. P

    Midge Repelling app in the BB market

    Just found a new app for BBs that emits a noise in a frequency range we can't hear but that repels midges. Called AntiMosquito. Not loaded it but thought someone might be tempted.
  7. suburban bushwacker

    The Cycle Route and Train Times Tie-up app

    Sustrans the campaign group for push bike access have just published an App that's useful even if you dont ride a push bike. It shows all of the UK's cycle routes and where they link to the rail network. The app is here and its free. Handy.
  8. P

    Survival apps on android smartphones

    I've just got a new smartphone based on the android OS and I'm currently having fun downloading a load of free apps. As a change from downloading angrybirds and other pointless games I went into the reference section and found a few free apps that you guys might be interested in. They will also...
  9. Rebel

    Walkers relying on smartphone apps blamed for 50% hike in mountain rescure call outs

    Walkers relying on smartphone apps for directions blamed for 50% hike in mountain rescue call-outs Read more: Interesting article. I use GPS and a smartphone and...
  10. tommy the cat

    iPhone apps

    Ok I have dowloaded a few apps on my iphone a few paid. The other day my phone when switched on went weird and had to be restored now most of my apps have gone off the phone??? I can see them if I go to account history in itunes but cant find them to reinstall on the phone? Its starting to...
  11. greensurfingbear


    Just curious what android app folks find interesting in a bush crafty way. Sent from my HTC Desire using Tapatalk
  12. Gavmar

    Amazing Iphone App
  13. tommy the cat


    How do I change the mode ? I think it's hybrid mode I like (ie first topic on top) can't see to find it on the iPhone?! Love the tapatalk otherwise. D
  14. P

    Appd for Blackberrys

    Does anyone know if there are any outdoors related apps for blackperrys? There are a lot of stuff mentioned about that other fruity make of phone but nothing about blackberry phones or android based ones. Any suggestions?
  15. elma

    Apps for iphone (& other smartphones)

    got myself a new toy, an iphone 4 can anyone recommend bushcraft related apps Ian
  16. rich59

    There's an app. for that

    2 questions:- What iphone apps have you found of use in the bush? What iphone apps might be useful to be developed for the bush? This might be both serious and lighthearted in approach.