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    For Sale Hammock Gear Cuben Fibre Winter palace tarp

    So is this still available?
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    Dog bowl stove

    We used no damper, no hearth plate and no additional air holes. The burn was controlled purely by the size of the gap left in the feed hole. They were extremely basic bits of kit only designed for a quick blast of heat in the tent whilst in the Arctic to carry out essential admin duties in comfort.
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    SASS ventile smock replacement

    Have you considered having one commissioned by a maker so that you get exactly what you want?
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    SASS ventile smock replacement

    Is the old one for sale ;)
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    Recommendation - Sámi stuff

    I wish GBP as a currency was available.
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    Cheap eBay hiking pole tent

    Hope it works out well for you buddy.
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    Cheap eBay hiking pole tent

    I bought something quite similar from China, its made from 15d silnylon and weighs nothing, it also includes a footprint to protect the floor. Build quality is incredible for the price I paid. I've pitched it once to check it over and its a fantastic bit of kit. £49.68 34%OFF | 3F UL GEAR...
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    Leather scraps

    Slingshot pouches?
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    san mai adventurer

    Pics not working again, for me anyway!
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    crimson seax

    Aaahh I can't see the pics
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    Sold **last Price drop**Bayley S4 Survival knife

    Ok, thanks buddy I'll have a think about it. I've always fancied one.
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    Sold **last Price drop**Bayley S4 Survival knife

    Please remind me, how thick are the blades on these?
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    Wanted Leatherman Juice (Old model if possible)

    Does anyone have one that they would like to part with?
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    Sami knife making kit

    Yes please
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    Frost River JNR Bushcraft Pack.

    Damn just bought one the other day and paid more than this for it. Absolute bargain! Won't be here for long.