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    Lumbar Pack.

    I use the North Face Sport Hiker as a lumbar pack. It is very comfortable as it has decent padded hip belt. It also has a shoulder strap and the belt tucks aways into a pouch so very versatile. I've been using it during the summer and find its much cooler not having a bag on the back. I think...
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    MSR Mugmate.

    I use the lyons bags too as very convenient but also have a plastic coffee dripper that takes a paper filter, a hario v40. Very light and you can use your own coffee.
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    Ultralight Kit List

    Very interested in this post I too have a spinal problem stopping me carry much these days. Can I ask what rucksack you have only 200 grams, rucksack weight is one of my heaviest kit. I use an aarn pack as although it is not the lightest I can adjust it to avoid the more sensitive areas of my...
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    windshirts just dont work for me!

    for me a windshirt is only useful on cold days with strong wind otherwise prefer a baselayer and a fleece which together are still very breathable. Baselayer, fleece and rain jacket for me are the best mix 90% of uk weather. Windshirt and insulation layers not needed that much. (south east...
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    Stuff to carry on the Tube in London

    I live in London and use the tube often, I would never think to take anything different than if I was walking to the bottom of the road. Assuming you have a smart phone with a torch function, I'd suggest using google maps to download an offline map of London to your phone, worst happens and you...
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    Revenant Ultimate bush craft movie

    Ray Mears article discussing the Revenant : 'Ray Mears fact-checks The Revenant'
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    'Mouldy' boots - how to refresh?

    Fill them up with cat litter wood pellets and leave them for a few days (unused :) )
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    Desert footwear

    Thats interesting i have same heel rub problem with Meindl Desert Fox and have other Meindl boots same size from which I've never had a problem.
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    Best and worst boots you have owned.

    Best: Meindl Burma Pro, 5 years now and still going strong. Worst: Timberland boots, sole was so slippy in the wet wouldn't even want to walk on the pavement if it had been raining, probably explained why they were so cheap in an end of season sale
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    Looking for a mobile tea infuser

    Another recommendation for Toddy's tea infuser. I got one a while back and think its excellent.
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    I say budget, you say knife

    I think I got carried away looking at the blog of the bloke working out there thought the OP was doing the same. One thing I would say is that the US knives like Buck, Benchmade are much cheaper in the states so if you have the time it would be worth stopping by an outdoors store. Also you can...
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    I say budget, you say knife

    I would take a SAK and a leatherman (if you have it) and a decent tough folder like an EKA 92. I'd be slightly wary of getting to a new job and pulling out a large big old bowie like crocodile dundee. Then out there at I'd see what people were using and what the local stores stocked and take...
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    New Program tonight: Surviving - with Chris Terrill

    New program tonight channel 5 @ 9pm . No idea who the presenter is but sounds interesting. "1/2. Part one of two. Anthropologist, film-maker and adventurer Chris Terrill travels alone with his camera to some of the most extreme environments on the planet to find out how and why people live in...
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    Sussex Bushcraft group meet for February 2013: Weekend of 15th to 17th Feb 2013

    Do you mind if I come along ? I've been hoping to get a chance to come to a meet for a while and unexpectedly am free this weekend. I did a bushcraft course a couple of years ago and get a chance to practice bits whilst backpacking but definitely a novice and keen to pick up more. It would also...
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    A Laptop that I can take apart easily. Any advice appreciated.

    I currently have two thinkpads, an x61 and an x220. I'd wholeheartedly recommend them. The keyboards on these older models are excellent, real keyboards and as someone who uses their laptops daily for work they are the only keyboards I'd be happy to use on a laptop all day. I bought the x61...