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    What did you buy today?

    100ft of 550 Paracord.
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    Knot Booklet

    Great booklet, just one small suggestion, make a more compact version, like an A5 paper, and try to put one knot per page, no more instructions, just diagrams and safety notes. I think it will be usefull in the field for the beginner
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    Dave's Insanity Sauce

    wooow .. I think I would like that :D
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    Fire Piston Competition

    I've just sent my answers :)
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    To Hot

    Hi, there is no problem with the translation :) I also think that bushcraft is a part of the solution but it's hard to get family and friends interested in bushcraft. When I ask my wife if she wants to get out there with me, she will ask at what hotel will we stay or what if it rains .... and...
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    luxury comfort items

    I would have to go with Wayland here and say Time, but if you have time, and stay out there for about a week or so .. I would take my solar shower .... I love to take a shower before i get in my hammock
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    To Hot

    Five or six years ago in Bucharest, Romania there were 22 - 25 degress in May, now we have 29 - 30 degrees in the same month. I can help wonder what temperatures we will have in 5 years. And this is just my country, what will it happen with Africa, Australia, Antartica ? The world around us...
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    In Romania

    thanks for the article, looks like Alex78 and me are the first ones
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    cheap hammock mat is it warm enough

    It depends on the person. I can stay at 15 degres Celcius in just my t-shirt and trousers and I am pretty warm, one of my friends at that temperature he needs a sweter and a hat. So in my opinion you are the only one who could know if it's warm enouth, so try it :)
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    lots of leather

    what will you try ?? watch straps or you will try to sell them ? :D
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    In Romania

    nobody here from Romania ? :(
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    lots of leather

    watch straps .. or .. sell them
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    In Romania

    there are national parks, rezervations where you can put you're tent, hammock without permision. The big problem is with fire. It is illegal to open a fire in the woods, the only places where you can make a fire are premade fireplaces.
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    In Romania

    Bushcraft is still a new notion in Romania. We are traying to build a forum in romanian but we are just begining. I am new to bushcrat also, I am doing hicks for a couple of years, camping on the mountains but no DIY or tracking. The bushcraft comunity in...
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    In Romania

    This is a website from UK but allot of people here are not from there. I was just curious is there anyone here from Romania ??