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    Broken Firesteel

    I've had one break, just by dropping on the kitchen floor, can't remember what model it was or how used it was.
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    Zebra Kettle boiled dry, safe to use?

    Thanks Wayland, I'll bear that in mind... and decorum, scary link, good job my kettle is stainless steel rather than aluminium. There's no hole on the lid to attach the knob so don't know how it stays on. The knob isn't damaged so no need to mod it, it's hard plastic, almost like the old...
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    Zebra Kettle boiled dry, safe to use?

    Cheers guys. It's a kettle rather than a billy can, so the plastic bit is a knob right on the top rather that the removable plastic bits you get on the sides of the billy cans.
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    Zebra Kettle boiled dry, safe to use?

    :o I normally use a wee fire to boil my water when out and about, but thought I'd dig out a gas stove I haven't used for a long time. Stuck the kettle on and then got caught up in something else:nono: I know blokes shouldn't try to multitask and this just reinforces that. Anyway the kettle...
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    The Wok

    I'm not sure whether this will help but a lot of traditional chinese recipes tell you to marinade your meat first, and include a teaspoon or so of cornflour in the marinade, along with soy sauce and whatever else you use to add flavour. The cornflour and liquids then coat the chicken and protect...
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    Bushcrafting stereotype

    Wot no Tilley's?
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    I'm good, Sargey, and you? I'm looking forward to spring to get a bit of sunshine and energy.

    I'm good, Sargey, and you? I'm looking forward to spring to get a bit of sunshine and energy.
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    BCUK Springwatch Thread

    Lesser Celandine coming though here, no flowers yet though. Snowdrops almost full height, but not flowering yet, and sign of the Bluebells pushing through.
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    Snaring rabbits

    think you meant, useful site, ta.
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    Semi-Hibernation for Winter Survival

    CJD was present in humans before BSE and known to be infectious only in surgical type situations. It will probably always be a rare disease. I remember nursing a man in the early 80s with CJD. The scientists talk of "variant CJD" for that apparently caused by BSE. Seems no one is quite sure how...
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    Knife Raffle for the benefit of The Big Issue Foundation

    42 please, should be obvious why!
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    Bushcrafty measurements

    cut it to about the length of your forearm, sure I heard that on a bushcraft course... followed by lots of people looking round at everyone else....
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    My large/group first aid kit.

    I'd echo what others are saying and get rid of the doxycycline. There are all sorts of issues about the safe use of antibiotics (and other medication) which is why they are Prescription Only in law. Give them to someone without a prescription, without having tested a specimen of infected tissue...
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    Thought yo guys might help.... Buzard at night?

    The pic you've linked to isn't a bird you'd see in the wild here, it's from North America, and they use the word Hawk slightly differently than we do. I think Lynx might have meant the Red Kite which is native to Wales and is definitely spreading south from Mid Wales, even near Bridgend. Don't...
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    Indian Food -OT

    Perhaps searching for Channa or chana Masala might be productive since Poori is a type of bread, sometimes spelled puri. I found one channa masala recipe which used some dried dates which gave it a dark/sweetish taste and I added some tamarind for the sourness. I think I got that recipe from the...