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    Skill share/meetup, Wooplaw woods, Scottish Borders, Fri.23rd-Sun.25th Oct.

    What a brilliant weekend lads , I,m glad some new faces were there , what a great turnout ... bring on the next yin ,, that stew wiz braw ...
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    I've lost my Opticon when I moved house ... probably in a box somewhere .....
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    Happy Hogmany

    Awe the best brither .....
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    New lens for Canon - opinions

    I use the sigma 70- 300 with macro . , great lens for the money .. 90 quid amazon ... same spec as the Tamron ...
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    BcUK Photograph of 2014 competition July heat

    I don't have photoshop ... and I wouldn't know how to use it
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    My outdoor photos! (picture heavy)

    nice troot bud ... thanks for finding the photo ...
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    My outdoor photos! (picture heavy)

    Some nice pics there bud ,, glad to see that your enjoying the outdoors ... did you catch any fish
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    BcUK Photograph of 2014 competition June heat

    Who's the winning photo for June
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    Wanted UK legal folder

    pm sent ...................
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    Wildlife pictures

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    Wildlife pictures