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    Stora Le, Sweden, September 2010

    The payment is only needed if using the designated camp spots. It goes to help pay for the fire wood, empty bins and general conservation costs. I would buy it whether i use the shelters or not. Bear in mind that no fires are allowed anywhere other than these spots during the summer months.
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    Alpkit pot hanger set

    Take a look at MCQBushcraft on TY. He shows you how to do it.
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    pathfinder alcohol stove

    Looks interesting. It may benefit from a little pre heating with a few drops of alcohol in a tray beneath it. Think i may add one to the collection. I ran a side by side test on my titanium evernew vs the trangia and the trangia won. Didn't ever use the evernew again but will have to try...
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    My birthday presents

    I would have thought the idea was NOT to leave it visible. Not if you want it to be found.
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    Successfully patented my paracord survival bracelet invention!

    Well done. The Chinese wont give a monkeys though.
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    Anyone in SE wales? (Newport / cardiff) - looking for pals

    Don't be silly Dave53, you're an arm-chair bushcrafter and never get out. Now take your meds and back on the sofa theres a good boy.
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    Hiya from SE Wales!

    Must be from Cardiff then with a name like Tarra ;-)
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    DD Ultralight question

    Does anyone here used the new Dd UL hammock with net? Before i order, i want to know more about the bug net when attached. Looks to me that the tighter the hammock ridgeline, the further from your face the net will be, but am i right in thinking that a taught line will alter the lay? I always...
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    Sharpening systems

    I have many systems i've used including DMT's but my fav is the knock-off edge pro. I'm lazy so want an easy system which will do the job with the least effort! Dave Budd can show you how to do it properly though. Here's Dave at the recent knife show.
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    Anyone in SE wales? (Newport / cardiff) - looking for pals

    (john Fenna is ok though). Try and get to the moot for a night or two and you get to meet lots of ppl.
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    Anyone in SE wales? (Newport / cardiff) - looking for pals

    Welcome aboard and watch out for the scary hairy bushcrafters.
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    Aero roof bars worth it?

    I thought i had lost my aero bars and bought some square lidl ones. Quite a difference in noise but could never notice a fuel difference. When my roof box was returned to me by a friend after a year he returned my aero bars too which i had forgotten he had. No noise now.
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    Happy birthday dave53.

    Happy Birthday you old goat! See you in the woods tonight. Save me a few trees to swing from.
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    Blacks on the blacklist

    I spent £140 on a pair of Sealand boots and whilst i had them for 4 months, they were only worn 4 times b4 the rubber on one split so no longer waterproof. They wanted them back for inspection too. Now when i bought two ceiling lights from Argos, they both became faulty within a year and i...