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    Sub £100 automatic watch recommendations

    I've got a seiko 5 and a seiko monster. Both are great watches and they are almost identically accurate with both losing about a minute a week. Great watches. The only time I'm not wearing one or the other these days is if I'm working.
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    Re-homing a beloved dog.

    If you end up stuck there's a rescue centre called morgans in cumbria that has a pretty good reputation.... Really hope that it won't come to that and everything works out for you :-(
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    Arran or Bute

    Arran will give you plenty of stimulation for a lot more than a week
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    Arran or Bute

    Arran, I've spent not enough time on both living between beside both. If you're just up for a few days and don't have time to spend time on both. Arran is the only choice
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    Never met him sadly, now I never will enjoyed reading his posts on the site Sincere condolences to the family. RIP Drew
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    Buffalo bag etc (Clearout)

    Can I get second dibs on the softie
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    Billy Cans.

    They will last a lifetime if you look after them. I've inherited a set and expect them to last me a long time yet. So a good buy
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    Question about coffee

    Firstly try a different coffee. Try Morrison's Organic its really pleasant and dead easy to get a good coffee from
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    Volunteers Wanted

    Still no midge's here, thankfully for me.
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    Planning a BCUK sea session 8th / 9th June!

    I might be in wales that weekend so might join you. But... do I need a rod license or anything, with it being south of the border?
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    Soooooo Slooooooow

    I've been seeing all sorts of weird issues happening with Internet explorer 10. Possibly check that you haven't accidentally been upgraded by windows update? Off topic but for information with BCUK I've found that the enter key doesn't work on the site when using IE10, but so far no other issues
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    shoulderbags and shemaghs

    Whats the shop called? if you can remember.
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    Fairly soon I may not even be able to give away seeds of old vegetable varieties

    Signed and shared on Facebook!!!! What an appalling concept this is
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    extreme hamocking

    Rofl that was brilliant. All I now need is a victim
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    Over night planning (northwest UK area)

    In that case you mean in the far north of the south :lmao: