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    Chris Reeve Shadow III for sale

    Trying to sent a PM but your inbox is full if you take PayPal I will buy it please send details :)
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    New posting of knives legislation proposed

    Apologies if everyone knows this already but just found this article from a few weeks ago saying the government is now seeking to ban the postage of knives to private addresses and instead they will have to be collected in person with id...
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    Ray Mears 2017 talk tour dates released hopefully the link works
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    Damascus axe

    Stunning work as always and great to see you on here -welcome!
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    BBC4 10pm tonight Handmade in Japan

    I enjoyed it as well, 10 years as an apprentice to become a sharpener and months of 8hr days 6 days a week sat on a stool using wet stones to sharpen 1 sword - amazing.
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    BBC4 10pm tonight Handmade in Japan

    Program tonight about traditional Japanese sword making looks interesting.
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    Any advice on Archery

    Definately join a club and don't buy any kit yet, your draw weight will increase significantly as your technique improves so anything you buy now will be too light in a few months and also you may decide you would prefer a different style such as longbow, primitive, compound, flatbow and others...
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    british blades down?

    It's forced cold turkey - once the shakes stop everyone will realised how much they have saved by not seeing the classifieds - still I'm enjoying reading the posts on here in the mean time :)
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    Bell Tent basecamp storage

    I have a 4m bell tent and use clear plastic storage boxes which slot under the camping bed between the legs so minimise the space taken up. Keep stuff organised so one for plates mugs cuttlery etc, another for gas, knives, repair tape, torches etc and other for foodstuffs dead easy to see what's...
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    jack pyke XL hunter trousers

    Message sent just in case they are still available.
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    British Blades Forum - down

    Looking at the list of whos viewing this thread it looks like a fair few BB members are here! Hello :)
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    good service, from lakeland bushcraft.

    Another thumbs up for Lakeland/Mark, recently recived a jetboil flash and max p bottle holder to keep it in - very fast delivery and friendly service thanks! :)
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    For Sale: Ray Mears Swazi Tahr, Large

    Good luck with the sale its a great jacket!
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    fireplace question...

    I would strongly advise against lighting a real fire where you have a gas connection - :eek: If the fireplace was originally built for traditional coal/wood fires it may be ok to revert back to a wood/coal fire but only after all the gas fittings have been professionally removed and I would...
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    Camping in the UK - need advice!

    As already said you need the landowners permission, a good place to start looking for official sites is here: You need to first consider what features you want ie do you want showers, wash area, any fesh water supply, would you like a fire, do you want to be...