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1 Day Primitive Projectiles Course - Wednesday 5th August

Discussion in 'Courses' started by Tony, Jan 9, 2020.

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    1 Day Primitive Projectiles Course with Forest Knights

    Cost: £60
    Date: Wednesday 5th August
    Maximum numbers: 8
    Location: Candleston Campsite, Bridgend. CF32 0LS
    Provided by: Forest Knights

    Book Here :mexwave:

    Bushcraft and Survival skills encompass a wide range of interests and activities. More than any of us could master in a lifetime from tracking skills to ethnobotany and campfire cookery there is always so much more to learn.

    Forestknights 1 day Primitive projectiles course in an introduction into another facinating set of skills. Projectile weaponary has been used since the dawn of time as tools to provide food safely and to secure property during times of war.


    The course has been carefully designed to ensure each student gets to make a number of tools depending on their interests.

    During the morning we will manufacture a range of spears and carve our own atlatls. We will also make a range of different rabbit sticks.

    The afternoon will see use add to our range of skills by adding cordage to create, bola, boleadora, yoyo, sling and staff slings.

    This course is a hands on practical course requiring some confidence with tools. However the forestknights team will be on hand to ensure you can manufacture a number of projectile weapons.

    Although we cannot guarentee you will have time to create all of the options above.

    The course will culminate in a skills competition with a prize awarded.

    Course starts at 10:00

    Finishes at 16:00

    All equipment and materials will be provided:

    This course is not suitable for under 16s.

    Book Here :mexwave:


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