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    Skill sharing weekend. March 12th, 13th, 14th, 2010

    *pokes head over the fence* Long time no see - been getting caught up with other things that have meant that while the bushcraft has still been getting a lookin, I've not had the time to come here and spraff about it. However, I would really like to come to this weekend... I'm waiting to...
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    Making ash bark containers (pic heavy)

    Andyn - thats excellent, thanks! :You_Rock_ I'll do a wee tutorial on how to make the diagonal woven 'crown' birch baskets at some point soon, as I've not found any good tutorials online for these, and they're very simple to make once you get started.
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    Making ash bark containers (pic heavy)

    Just looking over this thread again while experimenting with birch boxes - I love all of these, especially the birch bark cylindrical ones. I've seen this style of 'dovetailing' on pictures of containers before, but never found any instructions. I've had a quick play with some cardboard, but...
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    Civilised camping in Northumberland/Alnwick area

    I'm planning a camping trip with some friends in a few weeks time - where my friends have requested staying on an actual campsite with a minimum of a toilet block, rather than just slinging a hammock in a bit of woodland :) The problem is, I hate the typical British campsite, consisting of...
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    Some Marsh land Plants for ID and Discussion

    Buddleia makes a reasonably good spindle for a hand or bow drill, as its naturally quite straight. There's a plant which has daisy-like flowers which has leaves very similar to yarrow, but they're greener and touch fleshier, and they don't have the distinctive medicinal smell that yarrow...
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    "fuel" for fire pistons?

    with mine I found that I was actually doing it too quickly - whack it down hard, but hold it for half a second at the bottom before pulling out the plunger - this gives time for the heat in the compressed air to transfer to the tinder. Whacking and pull straight out from the 'bounce' means it...
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    Wild Camping in North-West Wales

    I'm looking to spend a long weekend doing some wild camping with 2 or 3 friends in North West Wales - anywhere from Snowdonia across to Anglesey really. I'm looking for advice on quiet places to stay, where a small camp could be set up for a few days, with a small fire for cooking, and access...
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    What fish, and When?

    I'm just wondering - what freshwater fish are worth eating, and are there any 'seasons' to catching different types of freshwater fish? I know the obvious ones, like salmon and trout, but what about all the other ones? Obviously, the rules of your permit apply to whether or not you can keep...
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    Google Map Pedometer

    there's another website devoted specially to this: It lets you put in journeys and save them, shows you distances, elevations etc and lets you share them with other folk. Its also clever enough to follow roads and do cross country bits. Aimed at...
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    Uk & Scotland Beaches.

    I believe you're allowed to have a fire on any beach provided it is kept below the high-water mark, and its not a 'protected beach' - i.e there aren't any protected animals using it, like turtle nests,
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    Help with Cleaning a Tatonka Tarp

    If you need to get pine resin out of material, you can often shift it by putting some newspaper/kitchen towel over the top of it, and gently ironing the newspaper - the heat melts the resin, which soaks into the paper. Of course, there's a risk you melt your tarp, or melt the resin...
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    I've made mead a few times, and had varying results - the best bet is to use a honey that has a clean flavour - to test it, take a tablespoon of the honey, heat it up in a glass in a microwave, and taste it while hot - if it tastes chemically, metallic, sickly sweet or anything else that makes...
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    Would the Police in the UK stop you and search for knifes?

    It almost always depends on your approach to these things and how you deal with any police who might ask you questions. If there's a bag search, or a scanner, always tell them /before/ they start rummaging/scanning - it just looks less suspicious if upfront you venture you have a knife, why...
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    Roadkill rules

    I believe this isn't the case, since roadkill deer would likely to be scavenged by other wild animals (foxes, crows etc) who migth suffer if some form of toxin was used. I'm led to believe by the internet that a portable bolt gun is usual for these things by vets and road department tidy-up...
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    Roadkill rules

    Wild animals aren't classified as 'owned' unless they're specifically being farmed, in which case they need to be on land secured by fencing, so you'd not be likely to hit them. However, you have a limited sense of 'ownership' to wild animals while they happen to be on your land - thus if you...