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    Hi Mark! Sorry we haven’t spoken in a while. To be quite honest i haven't been out much at all...

    Hi Mark! Sorry we haven’t spoken in a while. To be quite honest i haven't been out much at all with exams et all! I haven't actually used them, but i have heard they are good. Chris Claycombe Definitely has a set as i was asking him about them only last year. Are you making many knives? best...
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    How widespread is hand-drill skill in UK?

    i have had some days when ive had three embers but then others when it just doesn't happen due to weather etc. id say i can consistantly get an ember with bowdrill or know whats wrong but wouldn't with the handrill. Saying that though when the conditions are right i find handrill much quicker...
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    LED Lenser P7

    I have one and love it!
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    Bushcraft & S. S. mag, Bear & I

    id be interested in that:)
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    Bushcraft & S. S. mag, Bear & I

    great to see you at the weekend, it was a good event and and a pleasure to meet you. George
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    More pillow questions!

    thats obviously measured though on its own, it is a lot thinner under your head
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    More pillow questions!

    id say around 15cm ish, i find it comfortable. its made out of a small bits of foam i think so the longer you leave it the thicker it gets. George
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    More pillow questions!

    We have both the thermarestAa camp pillow and the snugpak one. Both weigh about the same but the thermarest is bigger and more supportive. They both roll up into their selves and pack quite small. Id go for thethermarest, just to note I ordered mine in green and it's a camp pillow in more than...
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    Water filters - Any experience

    I recomend the lifesaver bottle, it works with just a very fine filter so doesnt use chemicals but is so fine it removes all the nasties that chemicals do. George
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    Birthday 'cake' givaway

    ox- Eye daisy? Edible (bitter) and medicinal
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    Any decent telescopic fishing rods on the market ?

    I have the shimano exage, ive also had many other telescopic rods which have snapped or had thing fall off. I would say its definately worth the money if you will be using it seriously as all the cheap ones add up. I got mine from for around £50
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    Pointless.. a knife that chops but won't stab

    I think to an extent its a good idea, for preventing unplanned domestic violence, the kitchen is the heart of the house so normally where a row would take place, a knife is almost always there to be used in a moment of rage. For this reason I think it would be good for troubled areas and prevent...
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    Go wild! A book for young people

    looks good, i may have to get that :)
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    Midlands May '09 Meet.

    That was a really good weekend, Nice seeing everyone and a big thanks to Phil for organizing it. George :)
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    Cromwell steel

    It certainly rather smell chips in the house than a burning car:)