OvaEasy Egg Crystals – Review


This is a review of the OvaEasy Egg Crystals. The review is slightly different in as much as I experimented on my children, I know, that’s a bad start but I figured it was the most effective way of getting a true and honest result.

OvaEasy Egg Crystals

So, one night I made sure they knew I was making them eggs for breakfast the following day and my cunning plan was put into action. Alas, Jenna thwarted me by saying it was a fried egg for her or nothing, I informed her she was being awkward and ungrateful but it made no difference. She ended up with a fried egg, leaving me with only 2 unknowing participants…

I ended up doing a rough scrambled egg on toast for them and the process was very straight forward and as you can see from the picture below Erin was quite happy to find out that she had been experiment on and could not tell the difference between the Ovaeasy Egg Crystals and the normal eggs from the woman down the road selling eggs at the bottom of her drive.

Preparing OvaEasy Egg Crystals

OvaEasy Egg Crystals Mixed

I used a whole packet of the OvaEasy Egg Crystals, which is the equivalent of 5.3 egg, which seems a little specific to me but maybe in the US all eggs are exactly the same size and weight so the maths is easy. I’m not sure how many eggs from the woman down the road it would be but I’ll assume the description on the packet is accurate. To the packet of powder I added 7/8th’s of a cup of water, which is about 207ml of water.

On the packet there’s a chart that shows you how much powder and water to use to make up 1, 2, 3, 4 or the 5.3 eggs. I measured the 7/8th’s of a cup with a cup measure that wasn’t quite to the top, initially I thought the mix was a little thin but then when I mixed some fresh eggs I realised it was fairly alike for consistency.

When mixed up the OvaEasy Egg Crystals are good for scrambled eggs, omelettes and the like, anything that you’d beat the egg up for to start with so please don’t be thinking that you’re going to get a nice fried egg out of the packet. It’s not going to happen!

Once the OvaEasy Egg Crystals are mixed with water you treat it just like normal beaten eggs. The picture below shows that if I’d left it in the pan it would have been a great omelette.


OvaEasy Egg Crystals in use

We decided to use the eggs scrambled up a bit, it cooked just like normal eggs would although I felt I had to be a bit more careful as it seemed to burn quicker than normal, not that it actually burned but it seemed to cook quickly and would have easily.

OvaEasy Egg Crystals - Cooking

No problem getting breakfast down the hatch.

Robyn was the one I thought might make a fuss if there was anything amiss with the texture or taste of her eggs, she had a few bites and then asked me if they were duck eggs, I knew at that point all was well, she really likes duck eggs so she was obviously happy.

Breakfast was a success, the Ovaeasy eggs worked a treat, they were easy to mix and cook and they passed the taste test of 2 discerning kids so it’s got to be a thumbs up from me, Erin and Robin.


As you’d expect with a product like this it’s not cheap, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable as you have a product with a good shelf life and it tastes like egg. The 56.7g pouches that we used are priced at €5.95 each and this ranges through to €109.95 for 1.5kg of powder (or enough to equal 288 eggs) I’d not suggest that you buy this instead of your normal eggs but if you’re looking to add eggs to your camping food, food storage etc and you want it to fast like real eggs then this is the best I’ve tasted.

You can read more about and purchase OvaEasy Eggs on the European website here NUTRIOM EUROPE