YouTube lock down boredom

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Sep 16, 2013
Rochester, Kent
My regular subs on Yt for outdoor content.

  • Barneys Bimbles
  • Ben & Lois Orford
  • Bushcraft & Survival Skills
  • Cody Lundin
  • English Country Life
  • Felix Immler
  • Fraser Christian
  • Frontier Bushcraft
  • George Aitchison
  • Greencraft
  • hobbexp
  • Jon Mac
  • JP Lamoureux
  • Karamat Wilderness Ways
  • LearnBushcraft
  • Man of Tanith's Forest Path
  • Mark Bailey
  • Memma the Cavewoman
  • Mors Kochanski
  • Pablo M
  • Paul Kirtley
  • RobEvans Woodsman
  • Welsh Woodsman Outdoors
  • Will Lord Prehistor
Some channels are active, some are not, but still good content to go back over now and again.
Thanks very much for the shoutout Kepis. I don't upload much on my channel but I'm trying to up my game and will be posting more when lockdown is lifted.

My fav's:
Erik Normark
JP Lamoureux
Haze Outdoors
Don Von Gun
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Feb 3, 2021
West Sussex
RoKKiT KiT makes for excellent viewing (especially if you love Australia!). He generally fishes off remote beautiful islands, catches with rod or speargun, then cooks up great dishes on the islands. The locations are mostly astonishing and his down to earth approach is very cool. I warn you your badly gonna want his Aussie tarp after viewing his camp set up.

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British Red

M.A.B (Mad About Bushcraft)
Dec 30, 2005
Have you taken up armchair bush crafting due to lockdown.
If so what’s your go to you-tubers?
Mines Wild Green Johanna, silent bushcraft & wild woman bushcraft. St wilderness Adventures for when I can’t sleep.. 5 mins of that & out like a light.(must be the sounds).
Not really into the food prep & eat stuff or gear reviews, they just bore me!
Just the hands on different fire technique knock myself up a kuksa or spoon build myself a chair type of stuff. Oh & all those different types of hammock set up ones.(I like hammocks).
I haven't seen this chap mentioned so have a look at Townsend's channel. Living history, historical reenactment but with a homestead and Bushcraft twist. Its mostly 17th century , plenty or cooking on fires & dutch ovens but also (what I've linked to) historically researched log cabin building & frontier living.

An excellent channel

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chimpy leon

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Jul 29, 2013
I watch some of the aforementioned but I especially like Coalcracker bushcraft, simply for the reason he’s the only person in the entire world to successfully teach me how to tie the truckers hitch. :D

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Bee Outdoors

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Aug 10, 2019
Paul Kirtley is one of my favourites to watch, there are so many new YouTube channels recently sometimes it’s nice to explore the new ones too


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Aug 29, 2003
Morakniv and Jogge Sundkvist have done an excellent series on knife grips and carving, well worth a look, as is Dave Canterbury's knot clinic. Rob Evans has a good channel too.


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Mar 17, 2021
So Lockdown interest, I learnt how to use a Sewing Machine.

My Mother in Law is not able to sew anymore, she used to make Wedding Dresses and Dresses etc so I acquired it. It cost £180 new, has never been serviced in 40 years of use, weighs an absolute ton. Was going to cost £130 for a full service, a new one approx £80.
So good ole utube saw a complete sewing machine services, bought some mini screwdriver etc 4hrs later back to new. Total cost £7.99 and WD40 + 3-1 Oil which I already had sorted.

I've sewn Lots of leather good, Axe Covers, Sheaths for my Mora, Case for Bushcraft Kit, Re-designed a Down sleeping bag for a Under Quilt for hammocks. using the appropriate needles.
Replaced 2 zips in clothing where it was estimated to cost £30 each, bought 2 YKK zips from ebay £12.00, 2nd zip went in better due to doing the 1st one and learning.
And many more bits, even strengthened some straps with Kevlar string. Love using it.

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