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Jan 6, 2017
Here There & Everywhere
There's something massively satisfying about sitting under a tarp listening to the rain, eh?



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Apr 16, 2009
They’re very sour. Sour apples mixed with a few sweeter apple make cider. Those on the tree are eye watering sour, but there are others in the orchard that are sweeter.

Here is the man who owns the farm, he explains it very nicely. Apologies for using the thread for anything other than pics, but this is part of England, and though the video is 13 years old, the place is unchanged.



Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Feb 20, 2007
Whitehaven Cumbria
I haven't had much chance to get out lately so here are some shots from earlier in the year

Wasdale in spring

Wasdale sunrise by Alf Branch, on Flickr

Some from a lovely morning in Buttermere with a bit of a change in PP for me

Buttermere morning reflection by Alf Branch, on Flickr

Buttermere morning reflection 3 by Alf Branch, on Flickr

Buttermere morning reflection 2 by Alf Branch, on Flickr

From Carling knot

From Carling knot by Alf Branch, on Flickr

From Blake fell (where I live is almost visible)

From blake fell by Alf Branch, on Flickr

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