Who has got the smallest working torch?

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Aug 8, 2010
North Devon
120 lumens anyone?

Meet my DQG Fairy, lives on my key lanyard.
Purely flood, no room for a spot focussing cone and lens on something 30mm long (with a proper battery)

Tiny USB charger, screws on, in place of the head.
Brass one is cheaper than the titanium, I have added lanyard, turksheads and pocket detritus/verdigris... but the tritium vial in the tail is included (room for a second on the other side)

Doubles as a necklace light

Trebles as a surprisingly effective headlamp (just opened up the noose knot enough to fit my noggin)
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Apr 16, 2009
Another DQG Fairy, this one is brass and fearures two green trits.

Next to it is a True Utility Nano, nothing like the output of the DQG though.

Spotlight Speck is another tiny torch, but I don't own one. My smallest usable torch is the DQG, very bright on high, but don't expect serious runtimes from any of these mini torches.
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I used to make small led emitters which I taped to my arrows so I could find them in the dark.

They ran off a hearing aid battery and had a micro dip switch in the case which was made from a quarter length of a fibre tip body tube.

Worked well, never lost an arrow and they were bright enough to see by at close range.

Haven't got any now to take a picture of.
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Robson Valley

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Nov 24, 2014
McBride, BC
Timex wrist watches have their proprietary "indiglo" lighted dial feature.
Doesn't look like much unless it's pitch dark.
Then, seems everything at very close range is lit up for 3-4 seconds.