What do people use for severe cramps??

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Jul 16, 2004
Gåskrikki North Lincs
I can identify with some of the complaints as per the OP. The Oldtimers post 24 says most of what I have to say.
The vivid descriptions of the spasms, I can verify 100%. But, I also have reason to believe that it's my hereditary condition HNPP, and it is the issues with that condition, that cause spasm-ing which is not just the thighs, but wrists and fingers, too. My siblings are content to be resigned to the fact that they have, for very many years, been diagnosed with mysterious arthritic complaints and refuse to countenance the possibility that they too, have in fact, got the same condition as myself. Perhaps that is understandable, I was initially given to believe I had CTS, or something wrong with with my spine.....Actually, I had gone to the GP because of a "sticky-out" little finger that was bereft of any sensation at all...no numbness, just a sense of complete detachment from the pinkie. I lashed it to the other fingers, for fear of damage.
One of the prime , known causes, unlikely to respond to drinks or diet, is that nerve bundles are left with only a minimum of sheathing protection and will fret where the nerve strings cross ,or pass through bone structure and cause short-circuits in the motor system.

If you've family history of arthritic conditions, its just a simple blood sample and DNA test, that can (mostly) always detect for a missing copy of the relative protein.

I think I've not forgotten to remembered it, as I was told, though there may be a bit of a jumble with all of the facts. .

On the other hand, perhaps not.

With only best intentions,


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Jun 9, 2009
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On a lighter note I should have mentioned at the beginning of the thread that I'm a
1 cantankerous old git
2 grumpy leaning toward antisocial
and finally
3 extremely argumentative and opinionated!!
In my defence, I love it and am quite happy living with that :D

Hahaha! Other than the cramps, that's the wifes description of me. :D

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