What did the fox say?

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Jan 21, 2005
S. Lanarkshire
I once read an article about a Russian researcher who took to domesticate fox. If I remember correctly in about 20 generations the foxes were quite "doggy" and suitable to be pets. I don't think I have heard how it ended.
I read about that; it was real effort to pick only the docile ones for the breeding programme, but it showed that it was possible.
Did he not do it at a fox fur farm ?
I think the article I read was in the New Scientist ....maybe :dunno:

Anyway, I found a bit about it on Wikipedia....silver fox, domesticated in Siberia.


May 6, 2021
Watch at a distance, but please don’t feed them or try to befriend them, it does them no favours at all. Losing their fear of humans and ability to hunt for themselves will mean their demise. Sorry, just speaking as a countryman.

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